Friday, March 7, 2014

Soulglitter, Tameless hair and some more hunting to do

Morning Readers!
Nice to see you on my blog again today! And what can you expect today? Well I heard there is another biannual Cart sale at Fabfree Headquaters. On the carts nothing is over 10 L$ so it's great fun to go shopping there!. Soulglitter has some awesome offers on their cart! The lovely Panther and blue Couture dresses (mesh) are 10 L$ each. The sexy booties are 10 L$ each.  And the lovely tunic dress is also 10 L$ and they are all on offer by Soulglitter ....This sale runs till March plenty of time to get all your friends shopping there!
And then I went to Tameless and I picked up their newest hair releases. You saw them on my blog already, I just love the new Evion hair style! Each colour pack is just 249 L$ and you get ALL natural or all Fantasy colours!
The other new released hair style is called Yasmin. Shwoing you a few examples from the natural coulor packs.
Tameless also has awesome outfits on offer for just 149 L$ each. Everything that is on the vendors at their store is included, shoes, boots, and all accesoires and colours shown. Now with the top outfit, which is called Tango you get 3 colours but I am showing you only the black version.
The lower outfit is called Perfect Plaid outfit and again you get 3 colours. Just showing you the green one.
I couldn't resist to do more hunting in the Womenstuff Hunt ladies. You are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt in this hunt and there is a HINT & LINK page available in case you get stuck. Or if you just want to visit a special participating store. The hunt runs till March 30th. Each hunt gift is 1 L$ though, so it is not a free hunt! And with 200 will cost you...
Now I was just struck by the lovely gift I found inside the Tee shirt at #8 Dead Dolls. I love retro dresses and this one is just awesome! If you like it too, go hunting ladies. I am wearing the hunt gift by #5 Egoisme with this dress: a fun dog tag necklace. Again: you only have to find the Tee shirt at their store to get this lovely necklace! And the fun retro shoes are by #29 Lindy shoes. They just go great with this dress or with jeans...
And while I was looking for the Womenstuff hunt item at Epic I found another hunt item, a small round box with a female sign on it. It is from the JOJ hunt and inside I found this fun black baseball shirt and the panties.