Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How about a new and free tattoo for summer?

Good morning Readers!
Today on my blog you will see a lot of tattoos and sexy clothes for those warm summer days.
Most is from Marketplace, most is free, the rest is 1 L$. No waiting for lucky chairs to change, no clicking of Midnight Mania boards and no group joining, just shopping with your keyboard.
So here goes, how about these sexy tops by Vitrimi? They are called Cut out tops and you get 4 colours of this top with a stunning backside for just 1 L$.
The matching leather skirt is also by Vitrimi and it is 1 L$.
I am wearing the Dreamcatcher Tattoo by Isuka with these tops and the skirt and this tattoo comes with Omega and Slink appliers and it is totally free. Also works with system avatars.
The beautiful skin I am wearing is Susse 2016 by WoW skins. I am wearing the Darktan version with cleavage option.
The lovely hair is by Fabia and it is their previous group gift. Joining the Fabia group is free.

Then I found this IKWE leather and lace corset top for free on Marketplace. The top comes with Omega appliers. I also found matching white leather pants by IKWE which also come with Omega appliers. The pants are also free.
The Black Panther tattoo by Et Cetera is also free and it comes with Omega appliers.
The Paola booties with HUD are a group gift at Venus Shoes and the Venus Shoes group is free to join.
The lovely hair is by Fabia and it is their newest group gift. It comes with many HUDs so you can choose which hair tone you want to wear! Joining the Fabia group is free.

The perfect bracelet is a gift by Finesmith and it is called Nisha. You get matching rings for Slink Casual and Maitreya hands with this free gift.
The next top is by Night Fairy and it comes with Omega appliers, Maitreya and Slink appliers and in system avatar layers. It is free on Marketplace.
The lovely hair is Briony by Truth hair. You can find it in their 50 L$ back sale room.
With this top and the IKWE pants I am wearing a harness which comes with a colour change HUD. This harness is by Dariana Violet and it is free on Marketplace. The HUD makes the harness change into many colours, showing a few options below.
The next outfit is wearable in several versions, with or without stockings, with a bra or with a sheer top. It is by HeavenlyAngel Jewell and it is free on Marketplace.
The leather and metal cuffs are also free and they are by Vineapple Foden.
And the bracelets I am wearing below with the same outfit are by RealEvil Industries and by Fox Labs and both are free.
This sexy bikini is by Alessandra skins & Fashion and it is totally free on Marketplace.
The lovely colourful tattoo is Sleeping Ponies by Para Designs and you can find this tattoo on Marketplace for free. It comes in 3 tones, light medium and dark, and Omega appliers are included. You also get system avatar layers.
My last find for today is this sexy black bikini by Kona and you get a black and a white version for free.
The awesome tattoo is by Isuka and it is their Illuminati tattoo, which is free on Marketplace. Omega appliers are included, you get also layers for system avatars.