Thursday, August 18, 2016

Feeling blue and seeing pink

Good morning readers!
Feeling blue...well when I was done with the pictures for today I noticed that I was wearing a lot of blue today. Except for one dress, which is pink!
So today on my blog you will see a lot of bleu clothes and lovely FREE hair too.
So let me start with the hair (I am a hair fanatic as you all might know by now).
Like Design has a free to join group, the Like Design group. They have 2 group Midnight Mania boards with shoes, and 6 group lucky boards. OK I hear you say: "what's new? You posted that before?"and you are right...BUT....there are 3 lovely hairs on the lucky boards and that is NEW, and if your letter shows up you get one tone of this elegant hair.
But if you don't like to wait till your letter shows, you can also buy the hair including a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the hair into 6 lovely tones, the one on the boards included for just 50 L$ ! Now is that a deal or what? 
Below I am showing you the hair, the large pictures is the hair on the Luckies, and below them the other 5 hair tones you can buy for just 50 L$. You can find this offer to the right of the lucky boards.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Natasha 2016 by WoW skins and it is their AUGUST group gift. I am wearing the Darktan version with cleavage option, but you get 6 skin tones from the 2016 skin line including Omega adv head/body appliers for each skin tone.  The WoW skins group is 400 L$ to join but a box with about 50 previous group gifts is available at the entrance of the store.
The beautiful eyes I am wearing are Arabian Night eyes #7 by Mesange. You get a fat pack of these eyes (15 eyes).

This first hair is called Sonia.
This hair is called Patricia.
And this hair is called Tori.
Over to Phoenix. The Phoenix group is free to join and if you join and check past notes you will see a fat pack of this elegant Bridget hair has been send out. The hair comes with a colour change HUD which changes the hair into 20 hair tones. I am showing you a few possibilities below.
And I did some more hunting in the Womenstuff Hunt 2016. There are 150 stores participating and there are many awesome gifts in this hunt. Some gifts are free, for some you have to pay 1 L$ but they are totally worth it.
There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful if you get stuck or you want to search just stores of your choice.
In this hunt you are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt and this years shirt has 2 high heels on it. Why am I telling you this? Some stores have the last years gift still out...
I found the hunt shirt at #007 Mariposa and this hunt shirt is free. You only have to find it if you want to wear this lovely Nilsah dress including the heels!

The elegant clutch is the hunt gift at #68 Glint and you have to pay 1 L$ for the hunt shirt if you can locate it.
The elegant jewelry I am wearing is another gift in the Womenstuff hunt and for this set you have to go hunting at #83 Red Rose Jewlery. This hunt shirt is also 1 L$.
And if you go to #112 Like Design and you can find the red hunt shirt at their store...this awesome Emily hair is yours. A hud with several natural colours is included and the hunt shirt is free at this store.
And if you can locate the hunt shirt at #26 Kingbalstores the lovely Zorba dress, the boots and the hand bag are yours for free!
The awesome pearls are the Perles de Gloire set by Lazuri. This set is completely colour change, you can change the pearls all at once or separate, and the metal can be changed too. There are so many options to wear this set! The longer part actually goes on the back, I moved it to the front. But think of yourself wearing this set with the back drop pearls and an awesome gown with a low back...stunning!
The Showing my Stuff set is the hunt gift at Exquisitely Exposed. If you find the hunt shirt there you will see it is free and you get the top including the shorts!
My last find for today is not blue but pink as I promised for this dress you have to go hunting at Lemonade. You have to pay 1 L$ if you find the shirt, but once opened this lovely gift is yours! And you won't feel blue I promise!
Ohhh I forgot I found some awesome eyes in this hunt too! They are hidden inside the hunt shirt at #103 Madrid Solo. Once you find the hunt shirt you will get these lovely mesh eyes in 2 versions (large and almond) for free. Showing the large version of the eyes.