Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Did you see the girl in the perfect bikini?

Hi Readers!
Today on my blog you will find a bit of this and a bit of that, something for everyone I guess. Just left overs I found here and there :)
Let me start with the lovely make up I found at the lucky chairs at Glamorize. There are 12 lucky chairs and you do not need a group to sit on them. All filled with lovely make up. Showing you below the ones I got, but there are many more to win.
I blogged the perfect skins 7 Deadly S[k]ins has on offer at the Designer Circle before. I am wearing this Eden skin in the Taupe version with the lovely Glamorize make up. You get 12 system skins in 6 skin tones ranging from a very light caramel to a dark almond tone and for just 199 L$ (with and without cleavage) and appliers for Slink (hands, feet and body), Tango boobs, and Phatazz behinds.
REMEMBER I wear freckle layers with each skin, the freckles are NOT included with the skin. You can find the freckle layers on Marketplace, they are by Glamorize and you get 4 layers for 5 L$.
The fun hair is a gift I found at the Hair Fair 2016. This hair is by Barber and it is called YumYum and you get 2 versions of this hair, with and without a scarf. I coloured the hair red in EDIT. THE HAIR FAIR ENDED.
The POSES I am using on my blog are mainly by Pink Insidious.

Then I went to Baby Monkey. I haven't been there in a while and they have 8 lucky chairs for non group members. I was so lucky to wint these awesome Afia top linen shirts, which come with a colour change HUD which changes the colour into 35 colours. The Ivana suede boots are also from the lucky chairs at Baby Monkey and they also come with a 35 colour HUD.
The black leather skirt is a find from Marketplace. This skirt is by Vitrimi and it is 1 L$.
The beautiful skin I am wearing is Susse 2016 by WoW skins. I am wearing the Darktan version with cleavage option.
The lovely hair is by Fabia and it is their previous group gift. Joining the Fabia group is free.
Over to another Marketplace find. These fun Coveralls come with a colour change HUD to change the texture into many colours. It is the opening gift by PB Active Fashion and it is totally free.
The elegant bangles are EA Glamour Pack bangles and they come in 2 versions for 1 L$ on Marketplace.
The Paola booties with HUD are a group gift at Venus Shoes and the Venus Shoes group is free to join.
The lovely hair is Briony by Truth hair. You can find it in their 50 L$ back sale room.
And this outfit is by Composer Girls Fashion and you can find it for free on Marketplace.
The next top is by T C and it is called Curyne. It is free. The leather pants are by BodyCult and they are free too. You can find both on Marketplace. You can also find the lovely silver bangles there, they are by Taris Creations and they are free.
The lovely hair is by Fabia and it is their newest group gift. It comes with many HUDs so you can choose which hair tone you want to wear! Joining the Fabia group is free.
I also found some really sexy lingerie in lavender for you on Marketplace. This set is by KA Piercings and Tattoos and it is totally free. The stars are not included. It fits system avatars but also ALL  mesh avatars!
Then I thought: well it is SUMMER and we do need some bikinis to show off our tan and bodies. So I searched Marketplace and came up with these 2 lovely bikinis below.
The first one is by Kona and you get a black and a white version of this sexy bikini.
I am wearing a Skull & Rose tattoo with this bikini and it is by Reseena. This tattoo is free and comes with Omega appliers.
The next bikini is by TabiRose and it is free on Marketplace. This fun bikini included Omega appliers.
The pretty Girl Bangles are by Exquisite Jewelry and they are free on Marketplace.