Saturday, August 20, 2016

Are you beautiful, dirty and rich?

Good Morning Readers!
Today just one store on my blog, not because I am lazy but because they have so many gifts and dollarbies you won't believe it!
It's a store that has been around in Second Life for a long time, Beautiful Dirty Rich. They have a free to join group, the BDR group, and they have a few great group gifts. Right next to the group gifts you can find a wall filled with dollarbies and free stuff, and you know me: I picked up everything!
So today on my blog a lot of gifts you can find there.
This first sexy red body is a GROUP gift at BDR and it is called Yours Truly. You get all appliers with this body.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Natasha 2016 by WoW skins and it is their AUGUST group gift. I am wearing the Darktan version with cleavage option, but you get 6 skin tones from the 2016 skin line including Omega adv head/body appliers for each skin tone.  The WoW skins group is 400 L$ to join but a box with about 50 previous group gifts is available at the entrance of the store.
The beautiful eyes I am wearing are Arabian Night eyes #7 by Mesange. You get a fat pack of these eyes (15 eyes).

The sexy hair is Kinda Shy hair by Clawtooth and you can buy this hair with many colour change HUDs for 0 L$ at their store.
The next jeans are called Absence of Fear and they are a group gift too. Appliers included.
The lovely top is a freebie halter top which you can find to the right of the group gifts. You get many colours of this top.
The sexy heels are by Moda and they are from their Midnight Mania board. These shoes are called Cayla Wedges, the boards change each day, so you might find other shoes there.
And these Destroyed jeans are a freebie to the right of the group gifts.
The Sexy Mini Tops in 10 colours are also a freebie.
Like Design has a free to join group, the Like Design group. They have 2 group Midnight Mania boards with shoes, and 6 group lucky boards. OK I hear you say: "what's new? You posted that before?"and you are right...BUT....there are 3 lovely hairs on the lucky boards and that is NEW, and if your letter shows up you get one tone of this elegant hair.
I am wearing Patricia hair in red which is one of the 50 L$ hairs. Patricia in brown is on the lucky boards.
The jewelry set is Blume in yellow by Lazuri. It was a previous group gift but the set is also available at their store to buy. The set is completely colour change.
I am wearing the Destroyed jeans with the Patriotic Tops you can also find to the right of the group gifts for free.
And this sexy Aloha bikini is also to the right of the group gifts. It comes with a colour change HUD.
This fat pack of halter dresses is right next to the group gifts.
Last but not least this lovely Summer Nights Maxi dress is on the wall too, it comes with a colour change HUD. Perfect for a day at the beach but also for a night dancing!