Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Smell the roses

Morning Readers!
Today just 2 stores on my blog and the first one is Rose Marine. The landmark will land you at a landing point and there is a teleporter right in front of you which will take you to the store. The teleporter will land you at the front desk of the store, just walk toward the back wall and just behind the catwalk you will find 4 Lucky chairs and 2 midnight mania boards (also for guys). I stood there for a while and below is what I got there!
The gifts vary from a set of skins, lipsticks, to SLINK HIGH shoes and complete outfits. ALL you see on the pictures, like shoes or bags, sunglasses or jewellery is included. The red and blue pumps are NOT included with the outfit, those shoes for SLINK HIGH are separate on the boards.
The  burgundy pants set with top, sunglasses and bag are from the Midnight Mania board.
Then I went to Zuri's Jewellery store and they have 5 Lucky chairs on their top floor. All with lovely jewellery! Let me show you what I got there.