Thursday, October 16, 2014

Come to the fair with me ...

Morning Readers!
Last time the Promenade Gatcha fair on my blog. Even though this fair runs till October 31st, I blogged a lot of their great gatchas already.
And some more goodies from the Designer Circle too, and their current round runs till October 25th, so you still have 9 days to go get those great offers they have there.
Let me start with the Designer Circle. GraffitiWear has some lovely outfits there for us. These great sets are called Flirty dresses and they come in no less than 4 great colours. There is a skirt, a sweet white top and an over the shoulder sweater inside the package, but there are also shoes included. The shoes come in a SLINK HIGH feet version and for those who do not want to wear SLINK: the shoes also come in a regular version which works with regular avatar feet. Even the cute bobby socks with ruffles are included. Just 95 L$ per outfit.
The lovely skin is Marita by WoW skins and this skin is on offer at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per skin tone. There are 3 skin tones and all aplliers available.
The Black Glow bangles are by Baubles by Phe and you can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. You get 3 different bangles and a matching ring.
To wear with these outfits JAM has some to die for nails for us ladies! They offer 2 sets at the Designer Circle and the top one is called Monik. You get a HUD for SLINK hands (or the SLINK nail enhancer) and one for SLINK feet.
The same goes for the lower set, which is called Glitter leaves. Each set is 99 L$ at the Designer Circle, and each set contains 8 colours.
Over to the Promenade Gatcha Fair ladies. As I said: I blogged quite a lot of the gatchas you can find there already, just look at my previous posts this month.
But I saved the gatchas by Orquidea and AJ Design for this last post.
Orquidea has 2 gatchas at the Promenade Gatcha Fair, one with super cute handbags. Each try is 75 L$.
But that's not all: Orquidea also has a gatcha at the Promenade Gatcha Fair with beautiful cocktail dresses. The dresses come in 6 colours (the ORANGE is the rare one) and you can spice them up with jewellery, a short jacket, a boa or stole, or with sexy heels or boots. Or you can try and get that lovely black lace jacket that is also a RARE gatcha item. Just 100 L$ per try ladies. And remember you can SWAP them with others or just give them away!

Then AJ DESIGN has great shoes inside their gatcha at the Promenade Gatcha Fair. These Jewel Heels are for SLINK MID feet and each try to get these shoes is 50 L$. The black heels are the rare item, and the Vivacious (red) ones are also rare.