Thursday, October 30, 2014

I just love group gifts!!

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog you will see some awesome group gifts and some more great offers from the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till November 8th so you still have time to go shop there. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$!
But let me start with some awesome gifts! This first dress is by B!asta and you can find it at their entrance inside a pumpkin. This is not a group gift! There are 4 sets of pumpkins at the store (each placed at a different entrance). I am showing you just one of the lovely dresses, the Hello Pumpkin one. Don't forget to buy the other three too for 0 L$ each!
The matching necklace is by Dedalo and you can find it on Marketplace for free!
The lovely skin I am wearing is by WoW skins and it is Poison Darktan. You can find this skin for 99 L$ at the Designer Circle and a tan version and a bromnze version are also available for 99 L$.
The next group gifts are by Prism. Joining their group is free and you get the most awesome group gifts! Older group gifts are still available, so if you haven't joined yet, get to the store and join!
This first dress is their October gift...but that is not all. The set with the skinny jeans and a Halloween tee shirt with HUD, which changes the tee shirt into 4 different ones, is also an October gift!
And I couldn't resist to pick up the September gift by Prism too...great jeans and 2 matching cropped tops, poerfect for Fall.
Over to the Designer Circle. I found some awesome clothes there by Giulia Design.  I just fell for the Diva dress in brown. So elegant yet a very simple dress. You will make a lasting impression wearing this dress ladies! 100 L$ for this beauty.
But don't forget to pick up one of the perfect boho dresses by Giulia Design. You can find them at the Designer Circle in 3 versions and each one is 100 L$. The dresses are called Dadina and they are just lovely. The jewellery is included.
My last find for today is by Authentic Design. You can find these great Artista outfits (top, shorts and stockings) for just 100 L$ each at the Designer Circle. There are 3 versions to chose from and they are just awesome! Appliers are included.