Sunday, October 12, 2014

Something cheap and something free...

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog you will see some more items from The Promenade Gatcha Fair but also some great freebies from The Little Bat.
Let me start with the Little Bat. They have a questionmark board and they have 3 Midnight Mania boards and 4 Lucky boards. Below is what I got from the questionmark board. It just takes a little patience and some time....but it is all free! The spooky shoes are for SLINK HIGH feet.
(the black shoes are NOT included).
Then I went to the Promenade Gatcha Fair. This fair runs will October 31st so you have time to go there and try out those gatchas. The gifts you can win from the gatchas are transfer so you can swap with others or just give them away if you have doubles.
My first find are these lovely Moraganna dresses by Ruxy. In their vendor you will find 4 lovely dresses, 4 matching jackets and a beautiful set of Pearls. The TOP dress, jacket and Pearls are the RARE items.
You can find it at the Promenade Gatcha Fair. Each try is just 50 L$.
Now if you like other shoes or jewellery to wear with these dresses, go find the gatcha by B!asta. They have some awesome bags (not shown), lovely jewellery, pumps for SLINK MID feet and great bootiers inside their gatcha at the Promenade Gatcha fair. Each try is just 75 L$.
B!asta has another gatcha at the Promenade Gatcha Fair. Inside this gatcha are lovely Leena Lux sandals for SLINK MID feet. The shoes come in a lot of colours and each try is 75 L$.
Or you can find the gatcha by Bits by Blue. They have lovely jewellery inside their gatcha and each try is just 75 L$. You can find them at the Promenade Gatcha Fair ladies.
My last find for today is for a comfy evening at home or for a lazy Sunday morning. LooLoo's Platypus has these great PJ shirts for just 50 L$ per try inside their gatcha at the Promenade Gatcha fair.