Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Walking my dog on a sunny day

Hi Readers,
One of my little pleasures is walking my dog on a Sunny day. And guess what? My dog likes it too! Now B!asta has a lovely Grab-A-B!asta for just 50 L$ at their store till TOMORROW (May 21st) and this great dress is called Walk the dog. What else could I wear on my walk?
The dog is NOT included, it is by [Manticore] and they have many animals that follow you around (NOT free though).
The cute flats I am wearing on this walk are also by B!asta and they are in one of the Gatcha machines at FabFree Headquaters. Each try is 20 L$ and there are many nice colours to win. They are transfer so you can swap doubles!
Over to the Designer Circle. The lovely skin I am wearing on my blog today is by WoW skins and it is called Nana. You can find 3 skin tones of this skin at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per skin tone!
The current round of the Designer Circle runs till May 31st, but don't forget to pick up these great Athens shoes ladies. They are by Essenz and they are for SLINK mid feet and you cannot use them without the feet (which are 675 L$). The shoes come in 6 great colours and they are 100 L$ per pair, which is a steal for such detailed shoes!
Essenz also has these elegant Geneva shoes in 6 lovely colours, but you have to go to their mainstore to get them (NOT free). You have to own the SLINK mid feet though to wear these shoes.
I am wearing these lovely Geneva sandals with the newest 60 L$ items by SLC. SLC has 2 different 60 L$ offers, a lovely gown called Totally Woman, which comes in 8 great colours, each just for 60 L$. Or you can go for that boho skirt with a bra top and/or a lace top, which also comes in 8 colours to chose from. Don't miss out on these great offers!
The lovely jewellery is the newest group gift by Lazuri. Joining their group will set you back 250 L$ but you get a lot of their previous group gifts and this new gift alone is worth more than 250 L$. You get 2 different pairs of earrings and a lovely double necklace which you can wear single too. The metal and main gems are colour change.
My last find for today is the lovely new group gift by EMO-tions. Joining the group is free and there are several previous group gifts available too.