Monday, May 19, 2014

About all the things I crave

Hi there Readers!
If you are a regular visitor of my blog you already know that I just love skins, I love jewellery and I love shoes. And hair. And clothes. Actually I love quite a lot. But today on my blog some things I really really crave. Skins...from WoW skins. They moved and they have a lovely moving gift for their group members. Jewellery from Lazuri, Beppin!, Virtual Impressions and Chop Zuey. And the newest bargains from the Designer Circle.
So where to start?
Let me start with skins. WoW skins moved, so please take the TP from my BLOG and not the older landmarks from your inventory or you won't get there! If you cannot open my teleports from my blog please copy and paste this landmark into Second Life

WoW skins has a group you can join for 350 L$. That seems to be a lot, but you get a free new skin each month! And you get the chance to click one of their 18 Lucky boards with skins and their 2 Midnight Mania boards too. So let me show you their moving gift for group members, called Suvi tan.
Now if you do not want to join the WoW skins group, you can also hop over to the Designer Circle. In their discount store nothing is over 100 L$. They work in rounds of about 2 weeks. Their 80th round started on the 18th of May and runs till the 31st of May. And WoW skins has the lovely Nana skins there in 3 skin tones which are just 99 L$ per skin tone! No group needed! You can also get all appliers at the Designer Circle.
With a new skin you could decide to get some new hair too. How about this new style by Tameless? The hair is called Tami and it comes in 3 different colour packs: naturals, fades and fantasy. Each pack contains 30 hair tones and each pack is 249 L$.  Showing you a few examples below.
By the way the other hair I am wearing on my blog is also by Tameless and it is Zaida in ruby colour.
I am wearing the lovely Nana skin in DARK TAN (blogged above) with the newest group gift by Lazuri. They have an enrolment fee of 250 L$ but there are many (previous) group gifts available and they are just awesome, just like this beautiful pearl set. The metal and main gems are colour change and I played around with it a bit. You get 2 different kind of earrings and a lovely double necklace which you can also wear separate (not shown).
The same skin is on the pictures below. And the lovely jewellery is by Freya's Finest. It is their gift in the Fashionista hunt (find a female sign at the store). Each hunt item is 1 L$ and the hunt runs till May 31st.
And again the Nana skin in dark tan but now with the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions. The group is free to join and you get a new lovely jewellery gift each month!
I am also wearing this lovely Nana skin by WoW skins with the great Love collar necklaces Beppin! has at the Designer Circle. They come in 3 beautiful colours and they are just 50 L$ each! Go get them before they are sold out!
You could perfectly wear the red necklace by Beppin! with the elegant gown Coco Sands has on offer at the Designer Circle. The gown is called Hottest red and Coco Sands also offers a Kerry shape at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$. The gown is included.

Now if you are wondering about the lovely wedges I am wearing: they are by Pure Poison and they are on offer at the Designer Circle in 3 great colours. They are called Magda wedges and each pair is 99 L$. However the shoes are only for SLINK mid feet, which means you have to buy the feet for 675 L$. You can't use the shoes without those feet. 
The next dress is by Baboom and you can find it at the Designer Cirlce ladies. The dress is called Camelia and it is 100 L$. The skin is Donna make up version #2 by WoW skins in a tan tone.
And then I went to Chop Zuey. They have an enrolment fee of 350 L$ and it is totally worth to join. They have many group gifts, like this lovely Paz Eterna set which is actually for guys. It has a resizer script so you can shrink the jewellery to a female size. The same set is available in pink for females.
And for these elegant bangles you do not need a grou, you can find them next to the group gifts by Chop Zuey, together with a lovely pink heart necklace and earrings set.