Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shoes, shoes and more shoes...

Morning Readers,
Today shoes on my blog and also nails. Sometimes I just find a lot of shoes, sometimes none at all. But today is SHOE day.
So here goes.
Let me start with the Designer Circle. {ZOZ} has some lovely lace wedges at the Designer Circle which come in a double pack: you get the black and the white ones for just 99 L$. However you need the SLINK mid feet (675 L$) to wear these shoes.
{ZOZ} also has a set of beautiful silver lace nails, which you can use with the SLINK hands (2275 L$ for a fat pack) or with the SLINK nail enhancer (150 L$). You get a HUD for the hands but also for the (SLINK) feet. The pack contains no less than 12 lovely nail colours! You can find the nail HUDS at the Designer Circle.
Another find at the Designer Circle are these great Fergie shoes by StormCrow Designs. Each pair is just 75 L$ but again: you need the SLINK high feet to wear these shoes (675 L$). There are 2 colours to chose from.
The next shoes and boots are all by BabyMonkey. I got a few group gifts (enrolment fee is 250 L$ but Pixie is very generous with group gifts AND there are free-to-join weekends every once in a while). And I was Lucky at the Lucky chairs (group only) and I also clicked the Midninght Mania boards.
The first shoes are GROUP gifts. I just love the white Leana shoes (for MID SLINK feet). So are the white sandals called Adele, but the Lupita boots (fat pack), the Misty summer boots (fat pack) and the Sean sneakers (fat pack) are NOT for SLINK feet.
Then I got the Leana pumps in a fat pack version from the Lucky chairs at BabyMonkey. The chairs are group only, and joining is 250 L$ but the value of just one of these packs already exceeds 250 L$. The Leana shoes are for SLINK mid feet only.
And I also clicked the Midnight Mania boards at BabyMonkey. I got these GREAT Jeannie wedges there..they are just perfect for summer. You can change the colour of the soles but also of teh upper part. WoW!!
Then I went to Felicity. They have an enrolment fee of 30 L$ I think (it is low) and if you are at the shoe part of the store you will see many vendors on the floor of the shop. They are ALL group gifts, just touch them to get them. I am showing you just a few options I picked up.