Sunday, May 18, 2014

Use your Fantasy!

Morning Readers!
Sometimes you just need to use your fantasy ...just to dream away or create a reality that is not really there. Second Life is perfect to do so, you can be who you want, look how you want and you can dress the way you like. You can fly high up in the air or stay under water forever, you can build castles in minutes and you can sit on a cloud! You can change your skin, hair, eyes at any time and you can of course also change your outfits to your liking.

You can for example wear a gown all day, and feel like a princess in this lovely Malicious gown by Sascha's Designs. They have a 50% reduction on one of their best selling gowns each week and this week it is that elegant Malicious gown in teal. Just 300 L$ for this beauty with all the shown options (including the cocktail options)!
It is also a good idea to join their group. The enrollment fee is 100 L$ but you get a free gown each month and you also get all previous group gifts (a total of about 70 outfits).
The lovely hair is Zaida Ruby tone by Tameless (NOT free, 249 L$ for a fat pack of natural colours).
The elegant skin is by WoW skins and it is Leilani dark tan.
Or you can wear the great group gift by Purple Moon, a lovely chocolate gown with gloves. There is a SLINK hands applier available however for me it did not work, the hands stayed natural while they should turn black.
Or you can hop over to Morea and join their group. They have this lovely red and black gown for their group members and right next to the group gift is a midnight mania board with a lovely light cocktail dress! The jewellery and the hair band are included.
On May 4th, 2014 a new cycle of the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival opens their doors to the lovers of Gatchas. You can find several Gatchas by 22769 there and they have these great Deadly Feathers there as a gatcha. There are a few rare ones, the mask is one of them. Just showing you a few examples. The fair runs till May 31st.
On this Fantasy Gatcha Carnival you can also find these great metal Pygar wings in 2 versions with bustier by 22769. Again there are a few rare ones, but you can swap them with other gatcha users! Just showing you a few examples.
Another fantasy is going to the beach and enjoying the view, even if it is cold or raining in your real life. You can do that perfectly in this lovely group gift by Prism. The bare feet and sun glasses are included!
And my last find is for your more erotic fantasies. This lovely lingerie set is a gift from the Midnight Mania board at Imagine Skins. Appliers are included. Just get your friends over to click away!