Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's all about the bling

Hi Readers,
Sometimes all a girl needs is her perfect skin and some awesome jewelery. Preferably FREE jewelery and preferably a cheap but awesome skin! So today I am going to start with the lovely new group gift by Lazuri. PAY ATTENTION: this group gift is ONLY availabe at the Lazuri store at Purple Moon. This is what Zuri wrote about it:
Lazuri main store is moved to the PurpleMoon sim as of May 10, 2014.
Lazuri monthly group gifts and new releases will be available inworld only at the PurpleMoon location until further notice. All items at the current main store are also available at the new location.  Here’s the new landmark:
The group is 250 L$ to join but the value of this lovely set alone is already more than 250 L$. And older group gifts are still available too.
The set is called Heritage pearl and you get the version in lilac and green as a group gift. You can change the metal and the small gems, the other gems and the hanging Pearls which gives you a lot of options to wear this lovely set.
Then I went to Finesmith. They send out a lovely Three Necklace and earrings set in their group (join the group and check past notices) but they also have a lovely new May gift for group members. Don't know if the group is still free to join. The elegant nails are by {ZOZ} and you can find them at the Designer Circle for just 75 L$. You get no less than 12 different colours but you do need the SLINK nail enhancer (150 L$) or the SLINK hands (2275 L$ for a fat pack) or the SLINK feet (675 L$ per low, mid or high set) to use the nails.
The Designer Circle is having their 80th round and this round runs till May 31st. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and there are many great bargains to find. For example the lovely skin I am wearing on my blog today can be found at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per skin tone. The skin is called Nana, there are 3 skin tones available, and all appliers can be bought too. The designer is WoW skins.
I am wearing this lovely Nana skin with the elegant bangles Baubles by Phe has at the Designer Circle. The bangles are called Love Juliette and they are 100 L$. You can wear the bangles with the included rings or wear both separate.
The beautiful nails are by Allusions and they are called Frostpack. You get no less than 33 different colours for just 75 L$!
Baubles by Phe also has a lovely head band with a huge bow on offer at the Designer Circle. This bow is called BigGirlieBow and it comes in 4 colours/textures for just 100 L$.
I am wearing the lovely Lazuri Heritage set with the cute dresses 1 Hundred has on offer at the Designer Circle. These lovely little lace dresses come in 6 colours and each one is 95 L$. I am showing you the lilac and the mint. All appliers are included.
I just love the elegant and fun dresses you can find at the Designer Circle. Like this cute dress by E-clipse. These cute NamBico dresses come in 4 great colours and they are 75 L$ each! Go get them before they are sold out!
If you are not sure about how they fit, try the DEMO.
If you like more elegant, just find the Silk Floral dresses by Nya's shop at the Designer Circle. These lovey silk dresses are perfect for a tea with your friend, or for an afternoon shopping. The dresses come in 5 great textures and they are 85 L$. You will feel so elegant in these lovely dresses!
The skin I am wearing is Donna tan - make up version #2 by WoW skins (NOT free).
The lovely jewelery is by Lazuri and it is their previous group gift.
And Vixen has some great outfits at the Designer Circle. They are called Zahira and they come in 6 great animal prints. Each outfit is 90 L$. I just love those animal prints, they are fun to wear!
The elegant shoes are by Essenz. They are called Athens shoes and they come in 6 great colours. You can find them at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$ per pair!
My last find for today is this lovely outfit by Amarelo Manga. You can find each part of this outfit at the Designer Circle, sun glasses, pants, jacket and shoes, for 100 L$ per piece. The outfit is called Pamela and you will just look sooo chique!