Friday, May 16, 2014

Almost weekend!

Morning Readers!
If you have planned to do some shopping this weekend, preferably in Second Life, just keep reading! I have something for everyone. Sporty stuff, summer stuff, shoes..
Let me start with the 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Designs. There are 4 great new offers this week. You can for example go get a fun Sailor poppy blue dress for 60 L$. Or an elegant red mesh dress called SavanLuna. Or a beautiful pink blouse called Momo. Or a set of a black top and pamnts which is called Brittany! Each just 60 L$ at Sascha's Designs.
Or you can just go to Marketplace and find this great set of bikini's with pumps and jewellery by Iffyta. The bikini and shoes and jewellery come with a colour/texture change hud and you get no less than 8 options to wear this set, which is totally free!
Or if your belly is showing and you don't fit into the bikini's yet, go get this sporty set and go to the gym to lose a few pounds! This set is by DressCode Fashion and it is free. The cute chucks are included. The same set is also available in a light beige colour. You can find it HERE. Both are free.
And if you are more into aerobics or ballet I found something for you too! How about this elegant free set of tops and leggings to wear to the gym? You get 3 colours leggings and you get 2 tops to wear with them. The set is by Su voir and it is free.
My last find for today is a lovely black & white leotard which is by Lali's. This leotard is free and perfect to wear to your ballet class! Especially because it is free!