Monday, May 26, 2014

Baby Monkey and some hunting

Morning Readers!
Baby Monkey has some awesome shoes and great group gifts too. Joining the group is 250 L$ (to avoid spammers) but you get many great group gifts and you also get the chance to sit on their Lucky chairs! There are also 3 Midnight Mania boards at the store, so lots of chances to get things for free! I blogged Baby Monkey a few times the last week, but I did not want to keep their gifts from you. The first pictures show the Lucky chair gifts I got, lovely dresses, cute shoes.
This lovely jewellery set is from the Midnight Mania boards.
And these are more group gifts I did not blog before. The sweater on the top picture is a group gift, it comes with a colour change hud. The shoes are from the Lucky chairs (fat pack - hud). The jeans are from my inventory. The necklaces are a group gift.
Over to the Breakfast at Tiffany hunt. In this hunt you are looking for a box with Audrey Hepburn on it and there are just 50 shops to visit. You can find a HINT & LINK page here, which is very helpful! The hunt runs till May 31st.
Now if you hop over to #5 Brii Underground wear, and you can locate that hunt box at their will look soooo FAB! You will get this great suit, the hat, the shoes and the make up!!! Come on ladies, go hunting!
And if you land at #18 Miss Jewell and you do a good job hunting, this elegant outfit is yours! The lovely pearl jewellery you can find as a gift inside the hunt box at #10 Eye Candy goes great with this outfit!
Last one for today is the gift I found at #4 Sky. But this is not the gift from the Breakfgast at Tiffany's hunt but from the Warm Socks hunt. You are looking for warm socks and inside you will find this lovely outfit!! Hint: LOOK UP!!