Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Over 200.000 hits :)

Yay Readers, you all visited my blog over 200.000 times :) That makes me so proud, I am happy so many of you are taking a look at my blog!
Thank you all for coming here :)
Now what can you find on my blog today? Well I went back to Marketplace and found some more goodies. But I also went to the Designer Circle. This round runs till February 22nd, so you have 4 days left to grab those great offers you can find there!
Let me start with the sporty jackets I found at the Designer Circle and they are on offer by Eyelure. You can chose from 5 great colours and each jacket is just 99 L$. I styled these jackets with pants I got from Marketplace. They are called hip huggers and they are by Blackburns (you get a blue and a black pair for free).
The lovely shoes are by Essenz and they are called Cancun. There are 6 colours to chose from and the shoes are just awesome! Don't miss out on this great offer ladies! 100 L$ per pair, at the Designer Circle.
Over to B!asta. They have these very cute dresses on offer at the Designer Circle. These cute outfits are 79 L$ per colour and there are 7 to chose from!
Then I went to Marketplace. Iffyta has this great Glitter Cocktail dress for 0 L$ on Marketplace ladies, and you don't only get this dress with a colour change hud, which turns it into 8 great colours, you also get matching shoes with a hud, a great pearl necklace (also colour change) and matching nails too! WOW....
And this lovley burlesque dress is a full perm gift by Meli Imako. You can change the colour and texture...in edit. I am just showing you the way it comes.
To wear with this dress this lovely set of jewellery by Beloved Jewellery is perfect. You get a lovely choker necklace and earrings (free).
My last find is a sexy top by Coven which is free. And some really sexy red skinny jeans by KKBB for 1 L$. And a very nice necklace by Black Design, called Rock bunker (free). These items together make a great outfit ladies !!