Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gowns, dresses, shoes....

Hi there Readers!
Today just gowns, dresses and shoes on my blog. I don't know why, but some days I just like to find nails, or hair, or skins...but today none of that, just cute dresses, lovely gowns and YAY shoes.
Purple Moon has a new group gift and it is a lovely Aria gown this time. Thank you so much Poulet, it is lovely! The gown is in black & white and it is mesh, simply a beauty. I gave it a tiny splash of colour with the newest group gift by Lazuri. This set is called Esme and it is colour change. Joining the group is 350 L$ but you get this great Esme set and a lot of previous group gifts are available too.
If you are wondering about my new hairdo: this hair is a new release by Chichickie and I just love it. It is called Catrin and for every new release, Chichickie puts the smart buy packs on sale for $95L for 3 days following the release.  (Sometimes that stretches a bit). However if you are a subscribo member at Chichickie you get ONE colour of this hair as a present, and this time you get teh GOLDEN colour. That is not the one I am showing, being a redhead I chose to show you the red one :) which might not be a surprise.
Then I went to Ever 'n Angel and they have a new group gift too! Joining their group is free. This beautiful Spellbound gown is yours if you join the group!
Another great gown is the next one by Rayzone. It is their hunt gift in the Formal Flair hunt and you are looking for a black bow tie in this hunt. If you can find it at Rayzone this beautiful gown is yours to wear ladies! 1 L$ for each hunt item in this hunt though and the hunt runs till February 15th. The gown comes with 2 different tops.
The lovely jewellery is the Maysoon set by Lazuri. (NOT free).
Over to cute dresses. Mu-shi Doll has these great dresses on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. This round of the Designer Circle runs till February 8th so don't wait too long to go grab these beauties! This dress comes in 3 colours and it is called Jelena. Each dress is just 99 L$! I styled the dresses with the Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri, which is on sale for just 150 L$. The set is colour change.
Then I went to Baby Monkey. They have changed their location and they have a beautiful new store now! Baby Monkey has awesome shoes for a very reasonable price, but they also have AWESOME group gifts ladies. Joining the group is no longer free to avoid spammers. I am showing you their latest group gift: a lovely dress which comes with a hud. With this hud you can change the dress insto so many colours, you won't believe it! I am showing you just a few options. And with the cute hearts these dresses are perfect for Valentines Day!  Don't forget to pick up their awesome December gifts too! Find a small table at the store with free stuff on it.
I also was so Lucky to get these great Elsa boots from one of the Lucky chairs at Baby Monkey. These boots also come with a hud...and I am showing you again just a few options.
My last find is the newest group gift by ChOoOz. These crazy Roxanne boots are yours if you are in the ChOoOz group.