Monday, February 24, 2014

Look deep into my Poetic eyes

Hello readers,
Today on my blog quite a variety of items. Some freebies from Marketplace, some free eyes by Poetic Colours and some new releases by NS and B!asta. And some awesome 60 L$ offers by MacKenzie Designs.
I hope you will find something you like!
So let me start with the lovely green eyes Poetic Colours has as a gift at their store. You get 3 versions, small, medium and large, and from each version you get 3 different eyes, bright, darker and darkest. Totally free, no group needed. Look for a red gift box at the store, they are actually a Christmas gift.
Then I had some left overs from Marketplace still in my inventory. This lovely dress is by Alb and it is a wearable DEMO. It is free and just a lovely dress for spring ladies!
Cysleek also has a lovely spring dress, in pink, white and blue. This dress is called Suffron dress and it is free.
The next pair of pants I am not really sure about. I really don't know if you want to wear it. It is by Coven and tyhey are a gift. But do you like to have COVEN in white large letters on your behind? I only saw it when I wanted to do a backshot...The top is by Cysleek and it is called Mesh shirt chocolate (free). The lovely necklace with a bird cage is by Bird next door. You can get it for 10 L$ on Marketplace.
Then I put those cute capri jeans back on I blogged yesterday. They are free and they are by Mankind. I am wearing lovely boots with them, they are a wearable demo by Shushu and they are free. The great leather top is also a wearable demo by Shushu and it is called Let's go (free).
Over to B!asta. They have this great new released dress called Cassandra. It comes in a lot of colours and it is 245 L$ for all colours, including the hud. Not too much for 6 lovely dresses which you can change to your liking! But actually I was just going to blog the lovely head band, wich is 1 L$ and this head band is called Care for me and it is just 1 L$, including the colour change hud. At B!asta ladies!! 
The next dress is on offer at MacKenzie Designs for just 60 L$ and you have a choice from so many colours that I am sure your favorite one will be amongst them! Mine is the green one...
Over to NS. My friend Nani from NS has some awesome new releases. There is a set of GREAT bags, of which I am showing you just 4, but there are many more. Each bag is 50 L$ and they are just too much fun to miss out on them!
And then NS has a set of GREAT Uktra vests. They come with a HUD and they are 250 L$, but you can wear them with or without a top, and you can change the texture and colour with the hud, so the possibilities are endless.
And the Attractive vests without a HUD are 90 L$ at NS. (just one colour)