Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Designer Circle round #74

Morning Readers,
For the next  3 days there will be NO BLOG as I am going away for a short trip. So this one will have to last 3 days, and it is all about the Designer Circle.
Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and you can find so many great offers from great Second Life Designers there that you should really go and take a look! A perfect way to fill your inventory with great design for a bargain price!
This round runs till March 8th so you have time to go explore.
But let me start by telling you that on my blog today I am wearing the lovely Greta skin (dark tan version with cleavage option) which is on offer at the Designer Circle by WoW skins. The skin is available in 3 lovely skin tones, tan, dark tan and bronze. There is also a Greta shape available. And of course all appliers are available too! Each item it on offer for 99 L$. I am only wearing the Greta shape on the first pictures, on the other pictures I am wearing my regular Donna shape.
The freckle layers are by Glamorize and they are 5 L$ on Marketplace.
The lovely jewellery is the Touch of Stone set by Lazuri (NOT free).
Then I got this very cute dress by GraffitiWear. It comes in 4 colours and each dress is 95 L$. There are appliers included. You can find it at the Designer Circle.
Another participant in the Designer Circle is E-Clipse. They have great cardigans on offer at the Designer Circle and also cute shorts to go with these cardigans or with any other top you prefer! The Cardigans are called Morbido cardigans and they are 99 L$ per colour, the shorts are called Shorts (yes I smiled here) and they are 75 L$ each.
 I am wearing these great cardigans with the offers Loordes of London has at the Designer Circle. They have these awesome The Acopolis high waist pants at the Designer Circle and they come with or without pockets. Some are two tones, some just one tone, but they are all GREAT! They are 70 L$ each.
I am wearing the great shoes by Essenz with these outfits. The shoes are called Buenos Aires and they come in some awesome colours! They go great with a dress but also with your elegant pants! Each pair is 100 L$. You can find them at the Designer Circle.
And the lovely tops 1 Hundred has on off er at the Designer Circle make the pants look so different. The tops come in lovely powder colours (there is also a white version, not shown) and each top is 95 L$.
Over to my last find at the Designer Circle. This great dress comes in 4 different belt colours and it is just 85 L$ per dress. They are on offer by Wertina. A DEMO is available.
HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES, see you in a few days!