Friday, February 7, 2014

Almost weekend!

Morning Readers!
I just imagine you are sitting here in front of your PC, looking at my blog, with coffee next to you and maybe breakfast. Or with a cup of tea in the afternoon...or even with a glass of wine or beer in the evening. And thinking: what will be on her blog today?
Well today you will see a lot of great group gifts by Prism. Joining the group is free, and they have a whole array of group gifts! I am just showing you a few...but there are many more to get. I am starting with their Fenbruary grouip gift which is a lovely Valentine dress with 3 different skirts.

The lovely skin & shape are by WoW skins, Donna cleavage option, make up layer #2 (all WoW skins come with appliers). (NOT free)
The elegant hair is Catrin by ChiChickie and it is a new release. The first 3 days after a new release the fat pack is just 95 L$, but you have to be fast...I think the 3 days are over by now and the hair will be back to the regular price. However the GOLDEN version of Catrin is a subscribo gift at ChiChickie.
And then I went back to Marketplace to find some more goodies. Actually they were lingering in my inventory because I found sooo many nice gifts during my previous stroll there! This great pair of boots for example, is by Perfect Wirefly. The boots are called TL boots and they are FULL PERM. They come with several textures which you can change in EDIT. But you can also add your own textures. And create your own perfect boots. I am showing you just a few options with the included textures.
And FA Creations has TWO great gifts on Marketplace. I especially love this outfit which is called Going Dotss....You get the dress, the leather vest, bracelets, earrings, boots and belt all for 0 L$.
And this next ourtfit is also by FA Creations and it is called Patchwork Dress outfit. The wedges are included with the dress, so is the cute shoulder bag and the sun glasses. Even the cute flower ring is included and all of this is free.