Friday, February 21, 2014

Cherry hunt at Purple Moon

Hi there Readers!
Today just one store to visit: Purple Moon. They are having a hunt for Cherries, and you can find 20, mainly in the Purple Moon store, but there are also some at WetCat and Lazuri (on the same sim). The hunt runs till February 28th and there are 20 Cherries to find!
If you can locate Cherry #1 at Purple Moon, this great dress is yours to wear!!
And if you are so clever to find Cherry  #2 and #3 will find that you got a great skirt and a lovely top as gifts...
Inside Cherry #4, #5 and #6 you will find a great blazer, a matching pair of pants and an elegant top. Which make together the great outfit below.
Then I got this great lace dress, which is hidden inside Cherry #7.
And inside Cherry #8 is this flowing elegant has that boho feel, but very elegant...great to wear with your pants or jeans.
Now for the next outfit you have to find Cherry #9 for the bag, Cherry #10 for the top and Cherry #11 for the pants...but themn you will look sooo great!! Perfect for an afternoon with your friends!
However if you are planning an afternoon shopping in Paris, this great satin dress, which is hidden inside Cherry #14 is perfect! I just love the flower detail on it!
The cute travel bag is hidden inside Cherry #12.
I skipped Cherry #13 you think? is the gift which is hidden inside Cherry #13: a beautiful mesh pencil dress. Great for your next date with the prince of your dreams!
And now you have to go to Lazuri for the next gifts!! The beautiful earrings are yours if you can locate Cherry #17, the choker is inside Cherry #16 and the matching earrings are yours if you find Cherry what a beautiful gift!!
There are just 3 Cherries left now...and they contain all gifts by WetCat. Each of the next Cherries contains a pillow with poses, Cherry #18 has the top poses inside, Cherry #19 has the middle poses inside, and last but not least Cherry #20 has the bottom poses inside!
(if you get stuck, please send me an IM in Second life)