Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine !!

Happy Valentine readers!
I hope your loved one gave you a kiss or a present or flowers, or just surprised you with a nice breakfast! I just wish you a lovely Valentines Day and if you are in a romantic mood, THIS is my present for you!
And WOW skins has another present: Joining their group is FREE today only!!!

But what will you find on my blog today? Well what else can I put here that freebies from the Valentine Market and from Martketplace?
So for Valentine Day: this great dress by Bella Vida Chic is free on Martketplace and the cute little heart bag is by Tuty's and it is also free!
The next dress is a gift for Valentines Day at Baboom. I just love this dress ladies, get a red hair do and you will look soooo stunning! Thanks Kyra, a great gift!
Then I went back the the Valentine's Market which is open till February 22nd. I am showing you below what I got there!
These cute shoes are perfect for Valentine and they are by DMZ.
And these cute shoes are also a Valentine gift, they are by Belle Epoque.
Yet another great shoe gift, these lace booties are by Siria's Designs. (1 L$)
And these beauties are sooo much fun to wear! They are by Holy Shirt.
Over to something to wear with the shoes...these great fish net stockings in 2 colours are the gift by KDM.
And this lovely warm coat is a gift at the Valentine market by Darkie Studio.
There are so many great or fun gifts to find on this market, and the offers by the Designers are such bargains, just take a look arouind, I am sure you will find a lot of stuff you want to buy! This dress however is free. You get a little black dress and a lace overlay by Nyas shop.
And if it is summer on your side ...this great bikini is perfect for Valentines Day! It is the gift by Moolala.
And if you would like a total make over..why don't you get this lovely hair gift by Cheveux?
I was wearing this great hair when I got the best gift of allll.....blowing bubbles by Blow Up!
Or get a new make up...there are a few to be found on the Valentine's this make up by Circus Noir.
These cute lipsticks are the gift by MUA.
The next tattoo is also a gift on the Valentine's Market and it is by Modas Second Tattoos.
I found another tattoo and this one is by JDs Ink.
And my last find for today is this great belly piercing which is a gift by
Bijou Couture.