Monday, September 23, 2013

Is it possible to get nicely dressed from head to toe for 1 L$ or less? PART 1

Now that is a good question readers!
Is it possible to get nicely dressed from head to toe for 1 L$ or less? And the answer is YES.
I took one of my strolls along Marketplace and found outfit, shoes and jewellery all for 0 or 1 L$. I put a few outfits together, so judge for yourself if I succeeded...I started with a few Autumn looks.
This first outfit is by a few designers. The ripped jeans are by Fute and they are 1 L$. The sweater is actually a dress, called Brown roll neck dress and it is by Mesh head (free). The cute shoes are from a fat pack deck shoes by Plausible Bodies and they are free too.
Then I styled the Fute jeans with a lovely blazer jacket to get that more sophisticated look. The jacket is by CMSCo and the blazer is just 1 L$. The deck shoes are by Plausible Bodies (free).
The jeans go also great with the Hippo Bohemian sweater I found on Marketplace for free. The boots I am wearing with this outfit are called Alice in Chainmail and they are by Pixel Perfect Productions (free). The cute matching necklace is by Leondra Larsson and it is called Leo's gift Burn (free).
The jeans are very versatile, I am wearing them with another great fall sweater I found on Marketplace. This sweater is called Moment of relax and it is by !Go (free).
The next outfit is again by several designers. These cute pants are by Yako and they are called Mesh Baggys. They are 1 L$ and you get 2 different ones. The cute booties are part of a set called The Gamer. You get a cropped green sweater too (I blogged this set before, I know). The top is a free gift by Jane!. You get a fat pack with tops. (not on Marketplace).
And last but not least: the jewellery set is by GIA and it is called Argenta jewellery set (free).
Just to show you the whole The Gamer set I styled this set with a cute skirt called Mesh Mini. This skirt is by Unplug and it is 1 L$. The lovely light green jewellery set is by Persefona and you get even more than I am showing you! (free)
My last find is a very cute grey sweater dress. This dress is by Statement and it is called All Nighter. 1 L$ for this cute dress which you can style in many ways. I simply styled it with a pair of great boots, called Mekky's gothic lace up boots (free) and with a lovely jewellery set by Jasper Eel Designs, called JED RFL set (free).
(next stroll along Marketplace to dress you up for 1 L$ or less will follow soon)