Friday, September 13, 2013

I lost my Cinderella...

Morning Readers,
It is Friday again and on Friday the 60 L$ offers and the weekly gown offer at Sascha's designs change. Each week there is one lovely gown on offer for half the regular price and this week it is one of my favourite gowns: the Trust in magenta. A perfect gown for fall and you can grab it for just 275 L$, including all options shown below!
And while I was rushing down the stairs I lost my slipper....and I felt like Cinderella! But no worries, I found some great ones....for free (look below).
The lovely jewellery I am wearing with this gown is the Saffi set by Lazuri. This set is NOT free, but you can change the metal, gems and beads in colour, which makes this set adjustable to all your outfits.
Sascha's Designs also has 3 great 60 L$ offers each week. This week you can get that lovely blue Tali jacket for 60 L$, or the fun Sweet dress in magenta (mesh) or the elegant Jasmaira in red (mesh).
And if you consider to join the Sascha's Designs group (enrolment fee is 100 L$) you will get a lot of advantages. You will get a free new gown each month, but you will also get all group presents from the past, which are about 60 outfits....100 L$ well spend ladies!
So how about the shoes? Well I went to the Cart Sale at the Wash. This sale is being held till September 24th. You can find all information HERE. There are many carts at the Wash where great designers offer their designs for 10 L$ or under. My friend Tash from Dirty.little.Secret is participating in this cart sale too and she is offering several great items. One of them are these fab shoes. They come with a hud and you can change the texture and the glow on the shoes with this hud. The first picture is showing what more or less (or no) glow does. The picture below is showing several texture options, however there are more to chose from. Could not show them all, sorry. The shoes are 10 L$ at the Cart Sale at the Wash.
I found some more great shoes at Felicity shoes. Their group gifts are phenomenal! Joining the group is not free, as I recall it is 60 L$ but could be more by now. However you get a free pair of shoes from all their releases as a group member. Look for the shoes that are placed on the floor! Below are the shoes I picked up (there are many more).
My last find is the group gift at Modish. You get a huge fat pack with lip glosses if you are a group member 24 to be precise!
The lovely jewellery set is the Saffi set by Lazuri (not free).

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