Friday, September 27, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Hi there Readers!
Today another old fashioned blog with a little bit of this and a little bit of that...So let me start with the last day of the Designer Circle. This round ends on September 28th, so hurry if you love this very cute Samo bag or the fun sunglasses by Things I like. The sunglasses  are on offer at the Designer Circle for 50 L$ and the fun bag is 90 L$.
The lovely jewellery is the Saffi set by Lazuri (NOT free).
The tops are a freebie by Jane (fat pack).
The jeans are from Marketplace and they are by Blackburns and free. You get a black and a blue pair.
Then I got the lovely Misaki dresses by 22769. They created these dresses for the Gallery Gift shop and they come in 4 lovely colours. NOT free though!
The lovely boots are by Bax Coen (NOT free).
22769 is also pareticipating in L'Accesoire. The brand new L'Accessoire is wide open and a great environment for shopping and browsing the up to date accessories from many designers. 22769 created a lovely clutch for the September round. It is available in many colours and also in a plain leather and a brocade version. Just showing you a few examples, there are much more colours available. (NOT free).
And 22769 is also participating in the Liaison Collaborative. They have this great set of Marlene pants & Obi tops there. The tops come in 4 colours, the pants in 3. (NOT free). They also have this great Akemi dress there, which comes in 4 great colours. I just looove the back side of this Akemi dress! Also NOT free.

Over to Tameless Hair. They have 2 lucky chairs and WOW there is a really GREAT price to get there! This complete avatar was what I got there, including the hair, skin, shape, eyes, jewellery, tattoos  and clothes!!!
My last item for today are the shoes by DUH! I actually landed there because Sabryne told me they have a GREAT gift in the Autumn Effect Hunt. In this hunt you are looking for a round box with the logo of the hunt on it. And yes, I found it at DUH. But I also found lots of free shoes all around their store! So take a look around and find the 1 L$ dollarbies, and the free shoes I am showing you below!
For the RAH hunt: look for a box with the Union Jack on it (flag of the UK).