Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aidoru and a stroll along Marketplace. PART 2.

Hi there Readers.
Today I am going to start with some new awesome designs by Aidoru. They are not free, but very affordable, and it is always nice to take a look around at Aidoru.
Let me start with the lovely Mystic Moon Tiara and bindi Jara created. This set is 140 L$.
Then Aidoru has this lovely native inspired necklace and earrings set (NOT free). Items are priced individually.
And if it is still sunny on your side of the screen you might be interested in the fun hud driven sunglasses Aidoru has at their store. (NOT free).
If you are into piercings you might be interested in the navel piercings Jara created or in the ear piercing and bracelets. Available at Aidoru.
And the last find at Aidoru are these Rocker skirts. They are 76 L$ each and they can be worn with or without the belt. Tops are not included.
Over to my stroll along Marketplace and my attempt to dress you for 1 L$ or less. Yesterday I blogged those Autumn outfits, today I tried to find some cute dresses. How about this one? It is a lovely turquoise dress and this dress coms with a pair of texture change shoes. I am showing you only the pink version of the shoes. The dress and shoes are by Tchuca and the set is 1 L$. I styled this dress with a lovely free jewellery set by RealEvil Industries. This lovely Celeste set is free and the metal is colour change.
I also styled the dress with a long necklace by Just You Jewels, called Merry Christmas. The necklace is 1 L$.
The next dress is a pink one and it is by House of Nettlez. And the very strange thing is: I bought it yesterday and the whole store has vanished from Marketplace today! I tried to contact the designer but she is not responding....So I am still showing you the dress...but I am giving you an alternative (without a picture). I found this cute pink mesh dress by Simplicity and it is 1 L$. The lovely bracelets I am wearing with this dress are by Scarpunk and they are free. You get a fat pack with many colours.
I found some more great bracelets to wear with your dresses. This set is by K&L and they are called Chemical bracelets. They are free.
And these bracelets are by Violet Moods and the earrings come with the bracelets. There is also a ring shown on the picture on Marketplace but it is NOT in the folder. The set is free.
The last set of bracelets is by FISL and you get a blue and a red set for free!
My last find for today is yet another pink dress. This great dress is by !Go and it is called Bloom dress. The dress is just 1 L$. I styled this dress with the lovely metal jewellery by [K] metal jewelry, which includes great bracelets and earrings and this set is free.