Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31-08-2010 Clothes, shoes, CRAZY shoes, hair and Jewelry


Today I just went to FabFree and got a wonderfull gown by Wolfmoon...Just take a look, I know you want it as much as I did (it was on the FabFree blog, thank you René)

It is blue and gold and AMAZING. It has a short skirt option, normal, cocktail, long and extra long and the detailing is fabulous. The bracelet is also a freebie from FabFree and will be shown below.
The shoes are by BabyMonkey, one of my fav shoe shops and I found them at FabFree too.

These shoes are at FabFree  and they are from BabyMonkey. They have the most lovely shoes, fatpacks in a lot of colors for 140 L$, but this pair is free at FabFree. The skin, toe nails and nails can be changed by clicking on the shoes.
Then I got some free hair at Fabfree by Exile (the one below, with and without cap)
The bracelets come with a ring too and they are so elegant. Also at Fabfree (yes yes I got a LOT there). They are made by U&R Dogs.

I also found a lovely dress by Bliss at FabFree...so colorful I LOVE it. Bliss has lovely gifts for group members so visit her shop too! (the hair and shoes are gifts from the Think Pink hunt, shoes also bt Babymonkey)

Talking about shoes: I love CRAZY shoes and they don't come much crazier than these ones with HAMSTERS. A dollarbie at Pixelpaws (in a box on the top floor).

Then I went to CrackBerry and they have a new concept: Pay as you like. You can decide what you want to pay for their clothes. I got a few examples here....(and I paid for them).

They are sooo CUTE ! And when you get them...think about the work the designer put into them...then think about what you want to pay...

Last but not least I got a notecard from Jesse Keyes and his shop. Jewelry again ladies...why not take a look at his freebies? I really like them :) And the other jewelry is up from 10 L$, so not expensive at all. (freebies shown in the picture)

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