Friday, August 20, 2010

19-8-2010 Gowns, shoes and lucky boards :)


Cupcakes lucky chair gifts:

At Cupcakes you can find 2 lucky chairs with lovely gifts, a cupcake you can eat and get a gift from and a MM board also with great gifts. Worth to go there ! The top is from the Lucky chair, the gown from the Cupcake.

Then I was at Mariposa. I am crazy about hair, jewelry, skins and shoes...and the jewelry by Mariposa is GREAT. The lucky chair changes every 5 minutes and there is a MM board too :)
The gown is by Saschas Design, not free, but group members get a free gown each month and new group members get all previous gowns too.

The hair is a freebee by Analog Dog, freeball close to landing point.

And like I shoes shoes...These are from Babymonkey, groupgift. They have 2 lucky chairs and lots of really cheap shoes. They are colorchange with HUD, skin, nails, toering and shoes too. For the groupgifts look on the table or on the floor in front of the table in the shop.

Last but not least I want to share the Lucky Boards at KKBB with you all. They have great shoes and when you turn around you will also see 3 bags with freebies. (bag, boots and outfit)

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