Thursday, August 26, 2010

26-8-2010 MPD: Multiple Personality Design


MPD is one of my favorite stores ladies. The shop owner, JennEm, makes lovely fun dresses, pants sets, skirts, sweaters and shoes. And dress up stuff too.
She has a pile of 70 different colors shoes in her store, elegant pumps, so you can find shoes matching all your dresses or gowns.

The most amazing thing is that ALL her dresses or gowns or shoes are just 1 or 2 L$, yes you read it right ONE or TWO Linden Dollar!
The fatpacks are between 3 L$ to 6 L$, so you can get all colors of the dress you like without going bankrupt.

In her store are also 2 lucky boards and a monthly Calender. On this calender are the new releases and the day of their release you get one for free !! So it is worth it to look into the store every once in a while.

If you have those cute sweater dresses who are really short, JennEm made on special request leggings in underpants layer so you can wear them with all your short dresses! They are on the front counter, fatpack 3 L$.

This is the Calender for July and August:

These are some of the dress up clothes:

And these are some of the fatpacks, pants, dresses, gowns, winter stuff:

Most of the dresses come WITH shoes, it is always mentioned on the board itself. So look closely !

And these are 3 freebie bags on the front counter.

Don't you simply LOVE these clothes???

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