Sunday, August 29, 2010

29-08-2010 All kinds of stuff


I was sorting out my inventory and came across a lot of things I wanted to here goes.

First of all I got a lovely necklace from Mylady. It is elegant and sexy and I love it. Group gift, so join and get it.

Then I remembered that I went to Ganked and WOW I love their jewelry ! It is not the usual style, it's extravagant and sexy and I want to have all, but I had to settle for the group gifts and could buy just one ...You get a lovely top hat as a group gift, a sweet gown, but also TWO All that Jazz necklaces.

The dress comes in 2 colors, one in the shop and one in the group messages

And the All that Jazz comes in ruby and white

The lovely HAIR is a group gift by Diva

To get an idea of the jewelry from Ganked I will insert a pic of the wall there. The jewelry is sold from 50 L up.

Then I quickly went to Mariposa...WOW a lovely set on their MM Board. Just get over there and have a look, also a lucky chair in the shop !
The set shown on the picture is from the LUCKY CHAIR.

And finally a great shop called Seldom Blue. They have 3 lucky chairs with some really good stuff and a few freebies and dollarbies. The chairs change fast so you do not have to wait long ;)

The gifts that are in the Lucky Chairs are all on the board above the 3 chairs.

These are 2 dresses from the LC

This lovely gown can be found at FabFree headquaters. The jewelry is also a gift at the FabFree store.
And last but not least: the lovely purple dress is a dollarbie at Seldom Blue.

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