Monday, August 30, 2010

30-8-2010 More bits and pieces...


My inventory seems to fill up with bits and pieces from all over SL and they are all so cute I can't resist to share them with all girls in SL.

So again from different shops some nice gifts :)

I was at VelvetRythms and they have plenty MM boards and lucky chairs too. I wasn't very lucky (no R showed up) but I got a few very nice presents from their MM board. Also I joined the group and got a nice group gift :)

This dress was a group gift, and the 2 necklaces were freebies.

<- And this was for the guys, but I couldn;t resist to try it on :)
This was a MM gift.

<-- This was a MM gift too

And last but not at all least I got this lovely green gown from the MM board...WOW it has so many options, I am showing just a few...

I also went to Hudsons, and got a SUPER gold and white dress including the matching shoes as a group gift. WOW it is so elegant ! The hair I am wearing is a freebie by Analog Dog (freeball at the beach)

<- The HUDSON dress

At Fabfree I picked up a LOVELY gown from Adam & is actually called Xmas gift, but who cares? It simply is lovely. At the Fabfree store I found a gift by Ganked, one of my fav jewel stores. So I got that too. And the skirt on the pic is a group gift by Dama. The pink top is not free and from Saschas Designs. The last pic shows a group gift by Temptation...sooo sexy :)

The Adam & Eve gown and the Ganked jewels at Fabfree.

Skirt by Dama and top by Saschas Design

Temptation group gift.

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