Monday, August 23, 2010

23-8-2010 Pixeldolls and A&A and Thalia

Hello fashion lovers :)

I found a lot of freebies at Pixeldolls. Some are on the floor of the shop and in the corner is a big pile of boxes with a lot of freebies inside.
Take a look:

<- These are on the floor ->

These are in the big box with many others :)

And these are on the floor again

This is Mina hair by A&A and you can find it on XLstreet for 1 L$. 
Look how LONG this hair is !
The dress is by Cupcakes on the  MM board.
And this is Carlina hair, also by A&A and available on XLstreet for 1 L$.

At Thalia I found 2 freebies, trying to find the starting place for the Kiss This hunt:

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