Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24-8-2010 Shoe Fly Shoe, TARA shoes and Inga Wind opening gift


Inga Wind has opened a new store and she is giving away a lovely dress with shoes in gold. Wow....I want it ! Don't know for how long it will be in the shop though, so you have to be fast :)
~Is this lovely or what?

TARA is a shoe store and it is HUGHE ! Really it is. They have many MM boards and Lucky Letter boards and all the shoes I am showing you are from their boards:

At Shoe Fly Shoe you get a big box with shoes as a group gift. But that is not all, you also can get a grab and buy FREE giftcard for 200 L$.
So why don't you get new shoes???

I bought these ones with the card :

And these were all in the big box:

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