Sunday, July 10, 2016

Want to feel like Cinderella? It's all in the shoes...

Good morning Readers!
Just shoes on my blog today and most of them are free.
For some this will be heaven, some will just stop reading here.
So for the shoe fanatics: keep reading! You might find a pair you love.
I am a member of the N-Core group (this group is 50 L$ to join) and they gave these lovely 4th of July heels to their group members at the store. There is also a fat pack of Karen shoes as a group gift available.
These shoes fir Maitreya, N-Core, Slink High, Belleza and TMP and the colour changes with a HUD.
I found some similar shoes on Marketplace and these shoes are on offer by Sweet Desire shoes. You get a fat pack of these Nina shoes for free and they fit Slink high feet.
And you can find another fat pack of Aymee shoes by Forever21 for 1 L$ on Marketplace. These shoes fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink high.
For the next fat pack of Sabina heels you will have to click the Midnight Mania board at Rowena's Design. They have 2 Midnight Mania boards and usually there are lovely fat pack on them. The gifts change so you might find other great shoes there. The shoes fit Slink High. There is NO group needed to click these boards.
And I clicked the Midnight Mania board at MODA several times this week. It has a high target, but usually it closes and there are new shoes on the board each day. I am showing you 2 pairs I got this week. The shoes fit Slink high and Belleza. Both pairs came with a HUD to change colour of the soles of the shoes and the metal parts. There is NO group needed to click the boards.
Right next to the boards are 2 fat packs of shoes you can buy for 0 L$.
These are the free fat packs.
The next shoes are a gift for SLF&O group members. This group is free to join and you can find this gift at Zohra Design. The shoes fit Slink High.
These cute dotted shoes are from the lucky chairs.
The store next door is SP Piaggio and they have a free to join SP Piaggio group. This fat pack of shoes is their group gift. The shoes fit Slink High.
Then I stood for a while at the Lucky chairs at Like Design. They have a free to join group and there are 2 midnight mania boards and 6 lucky boards which are free to click for group members. On most of the boards are shoes for Slink High.
And the next shoes I found on Marketplace. They are all either free or 1 L$.
So...these high tops are free and they are by Blackburns. They are changeable in size and in colour. And they are free.
And these shoes are by No Concept. They fit Slink high and they are free.
The next shoes are by Waldorf Design and they are yours for 1 L$. They fit Slink High.
These golden strap heels are by One Lane and they are 1 L$. They fit Slink High feet.
CH Store has these Karissa heels in green for 1 L$ and they fit Slink High.
My last find for today are these awesome blue boots by Ultrasoles. They fit Slink High feet.

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