Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I love sexy lingerie...and free outfits.

Good morning Readers!
Sexy lingerie, yes that's on my blog today. And sexy outfits too. Some more sexy than the other, but all n ice to wear and to feel good in.
Let me start with the sexy lingerie I found at the Designer Circle. It is by La!La Fashion and it is their Sharon body suit. This sexy piece comes in 6 colours and each one is 75 L$. They fit all bodies that work with Omega.
The elegant bangles are from EA Glamour and you can find a pack of 2 versions on Marketplace for 1 L$.
The lovely hair is Georgina by Truth hair. I am wearing the RED version and this hair is 50 L$ per hair tone. You get 5 versions of each tone. Look for the back room sale.
The skin I am wearing today is Irene 2016 by WoW skins. It is the darktan version with cleavage option.
And with these sexy bodies I am wearing beautiful wings you can find at the Designer Circle too. They are by Indulge Temptation and there are 6 versions of these wings available. Pack #1 are plain wings without the roses the other 5 packs have. Each pack comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 10options to change the metal and 7 to change the roses. And each pack is 120 L$. Showing you a few possibilities below.
My next find are these Lace shorts and top outfits by Graffitiwear. You can find them at the Designer Circle in three versions: brights, darks and earthtones. Each of these sets comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the outfits into 14 different ones! For just 125 L$ are they yours.
Then I went to Entice to pick up one of their SLF&O group gifts. The SLF&O group is free to join and this sexy leopard outfit is one of 2 gifts you can find there. There are also 6 lucky boards to click (no group needed).
The cute shoes are form the 6 group lucky boards at Like Design (they also have 2 Midnight Mania boards for group members). The Like Design group is free to join.
My next find is this sexy outfit by Goddess Apparel. They have 2 Midnight Mania boards with a low target and you do not need a group to click these boards.
Ghostyss has 8 mini mania boards which are free to click and I got this awesome outfit from their boards.
The Fascinator is by Chop Zuey and it was a group gift (gone now, sorry but there is another great free set for which you do not need a group).