Monday, July 18, 2016

La!La lots of gifts today!!

Good morning Readers!
Today I have a lot of GIFTS for you. Actually all outfits and some hair on my blog are free. You can find the outfits ALL at La!La on the wall. They are gifts, no group needed. La!La has 4 lucky balloons and 2 Midnight Mania boards (for which you also don't need a group). I got this lovely lingerie from the Midnight Mania boards. It comes with the little crown :)
The lovely hair is Georgina by Truth hair. I am wearing the RED version and this hair is 50 L$ per hair tone. You get 5 versions of each tone. Look for the back room sale.
The skin I am wearing today is Irene 2016 by WoW skins. It is the darktan version with cleavage option.
The rest below are the free gifts at La!La. There are shorts in 7 colours, dresses in 3 colours, Tuxedo tops in 4 colours, bikinis in 5 colours and many tops. Just look for the gifts on the wall to the left of the Lucky Balloons.
The lovely jewelry is  the Cocoa Island set by Lazuri. This set is not free, but it is a great set to have. You can change all parts of this set to your liking so it will fit all your outfits.
The next picture shows the Tuxedo tops. The pants are from the Midnight Mania board at Alias and you do not need a group to click this board.
The cute clutches are gifts from the 8 Mini Mania boards at Ghostyss and you do not need a group to click these boards.

The next dress is from the lucky balloons.
Then I went to the Hair Fair 2016. It is very laggy so if you go there please take off ALL your scripted items (even if you wear a full body alpha, take the scripted items off). Which means take off hair, shoes, mesh parts, mesh clothes, jewelry, AO, pets, weapons etc. The best way is to go low laf: system avatar with system tee and pants.
There are many gifts to find and today I want to show you the gift you can find at the shop by Shi. This hair is called Vailant and it is unisex hair. The hair comes with many HUDs and in many colours. Showing you just a few options below.