Friday, July 29, 2016

Ohhh she is wearing an Enticing outfit today!

Hi Readers!
Almost weekend and I still haven't showed you the awesome Secret Wednesday Offers Entice has at their store. And I still have some great offers you can find at the Designer Circle for you! I also had a few gifts from the lucky chairs at Shea Design, but the store disappeared. However the gifts are still on Marketplace for 39 L$ each, so I am showing you them anyway. Last but not least I have a great bikini from the Mini Mania board at Starr Fashion for you.
But let me start with the Designer Circle. GraffitiWear has these lovely Dangerous outfits on offer there in 6 colours. Each set comes with a top, skirt and matching heels for Slink high, Maitreya and Belleza. The outfits fit Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Freya, Isis, Venus, TMP, Tonic and  come with system avatar layers. The lovely star necklace is included. These Dangerous outfits are just 150 L$ each!
I blogged the perfect skins 7 Deadly S[k]ins has on offer at the Designer Circle  before. I am wearing these Eden skins in the Taupe version on my blog today. You get 6 skin tones, ranging from a very light caramel to a dark almond tone and for just 199 L$ you get 12 system skins in 6 skin tones (with and without cleavage) and appliers for Slinkk (hands, feet and body), Tango boobs, and Phatazz behinds.REMEMBER I wear freckle layers with each skin, the freckles are NOT included with the skin. You can find the freckle layers on Marketplace, they are by Glamorize and you get 4 layers for 5 L$.
The lovely hair is from the Hair Fair 2016 and it is Zoe which is a gift by Analog Dog. I am wearing the dark red version (you get MANY huds with this hair in all tones). The Hair Fair 2016 ends on July 31st.
Over to Entice and their Secret Wednesday offers. They have these awesome Common People outfits there...ok let me explain. There are Common People shorts, shirts, and tied shirts. And matching Rebels Boots (which you can wear without feet). Each of these items comes in various types, like darks, Khaki, Drab, Dingy. And each item comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour into 3 textures. It's a bit hard to understand or maybe I am not explaining right. But you can see several options below. The nicest thing is that each item is just 99 L$. So if you get ONE of the shirts, ONE of the shorts and ONE of the tied shirts, you can create numerous looks as you can change each of these parts into 3 colours.
Entice also has a new gift for SLF&O members. This SLF&O group is free to join, wear your tag to get these lovely bleu Suburban War Ankle boots!
And now to the mystery of the disappeared Shea Design store. I have no clue what happened there, did she forget to pay the rent? Or did she just give up? I only know that the gifts from the lucky chairs there are on Marketplace for 39 L$ each, which is a steal for such great dresses and lingerie.
ATTENTION: Just after posting this blog I found out that the store has moved to THIS LOCATION. Shea Design still has 6 lucky chairs and 3 MM boards.
This dress is called Lola Mini dress in black. 39 L$. The dresses and lingerie come with all appliers.
This dress is called Lola Mini dress in pink. 39 L$.
And this lingerie is called Katia in purple. 30 L$.
Starr Fashion has a mini Mania and a Midnight Madness board, and 3 lucky chairs which do not need a group. I was so lucky to get this awesome wrapped bikini from the boards!

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