Saturday, July 2, 2016

Soooo Enticing that I can't resist...

Hi there Readers, Happy Saturday!
Today on my blog enticing outfits by Entice. They have these great Secret Wednesday and 55 Thursday offers each week (they last till the next Wednesday or Thursday) and they also have a new group gift (the Entice group is free to join) and a new SLF&O group gift (this group is free to join). And I found a Midnight Mania board with free flat mesh feet for you, at the same store you can find several lucky boards from which I got a pair of heels (for system feet).
So... Entice. I just love their Kahlua dresses. They have that boho elegant style which makes these dresses perfect for a day at the beach but also for a posh party in the evening. The Kahlua dresses come in 4 different versions and each version has a colour change HUD inside which changes the texture into 3 tones. On top of that these Kahlua dresses are the 55 Thursday offers at Entice and each dress is just 99 L$.
The skin I am wearing today is Sonia by WoW skins. It is the darktan version with cleavage option.
The lovely hair is Malibu by Truth hair. I am wearing the RED version and this hair is 249 L$ per hair tone. You get 5 versions of each tone.
The cute Flower Sandals (which fit Slink flat) are by Nerdy Girl and you can find them in 5 colours at the Cart Sale at the Wash for just 10 L$ per pair.
I also got the Secret Wednesday offers by Entice. These awesome Light of Ray rompers come in 4 versions and each version has a colour change HUD inside which changes the romper into 3 colours. However you can play around and mix & match because the top and bottom are coloured separate. Each of these romper sets is just 99 L$.
And the new SLF&O group gift at Entice is this Hungry Eyes dress in red. The group is free to join.
The newest group gift at Entice is this Ginza outfit, which is a bit in Hippie style. The Entice group is free to join.
I am wearing cute Flip Flops by CNZ with this outfit. They are 99 L$ each and the white ones are 199 L$ but they come with a colour change HUD. They fit Slink flat and Maitreya and you can find them at the Designer Circle. Below are just a few options.
Over to the free Midnight Mania board with flat mesh feet at L'Emporio. Walk up the stairs to find the board, under the MM board are 5 lucky boards. You do not need a group to click any of these boards and I clicked the MM boards (target is low) and got the flat feet with HUD. Adjusting the skin tone is a bit of a hassle, but hey...they are free! I am showing you my best results with the HUD.
I also got these elegant blue heels from the lucky boards, and they fit system feet (they come with the feet).