Monday, March 21, 2016

Where can you get skins for 13 L$???

Good Morning Readers!
7 Deadly {S}kins not only has a brand new store, but they are also celebrating their 3rd anniversary and they lowered their enrolment fee to 13 L$ for 13 weeks! Which is extremely low, as you get a new skin each month. Not only for girls, but also for GUYS, so ladies take your male friends there too !
On top of the low fee they also have 2 skins, one for males, one for females, for just 13 L$ at the store. Look for a vendor with a balloon in front of it.
Previous group gifts are still available for just 10 L$ each!
Let me show you what I got.
This is Merle, the group gift for March at 7 Deadly S{k}ins. You get this skin in Caramel and Marshmellow and appliers are included!
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.
The lovely hair is by Truth hair and it is called Emeline.
The lovely jewelry is the Dulcina La Rue set by Lazuri, a new release. The set is completely colour change and a great set to have.
And Jenny was the group gift in January. You can still get her for 10 L$ and you get the skin including appliers in caramel, almond, taupe and chestnut.
There are also 5 MINI mania boards at the store and a Midnight Mania board for guys....and also for gals.
This lovely Amalia skin in pineapple is from the Midnight Mania boards. Appliers are included. The Midnight Mania board changes, so you might find another lovely skin on that board.
And these skins, Eddie in apricot and Skyla in apricot are from the Mini mania boards. I was so lucky to get two skins! The boards change you might find other lovely skins on them!
Then I got the 13 L$ female skin which is at the store as a special celebration gift. There is also a male version. I got this awesome Amara skin in apricot and pineapple for just 13 L$!
Now I decided to wear the lovely Jenny in Taupe by 7 Deadly S{k}ins with the great bargains I found at the Cart Sale at The Wash. I found these great outfits by Orquidea there, lovely dresses, and a great white blouse and elegant pants.
Each item is just 10 L$, like all offers at the Wash.
I love these lovely Cheogsam dresses, they come in blue or pink. Just 10 L$ each.
And this lovely white blouse and wide pants are each 10 L$ too. They are by Orquidea at the Wash.
The cute booties are by Lindy Modern & Retro shoes and they are called Cassie Tawny boots. You can find them at the cart sale at The Wash for 10 L$ and they fit Slink high feet.
Now if you are wondering where I got these lovely can find them at the Cart Sale at the Wash too! They are by Lyrical Bizarre. They have these beautiful Amy earrings in 5 versions at the Cart Sale at The Wash and these earrings are 10 L$ each.
I am wearing these Amy earrings with the fun Summer dress Orquidea has on offer at the Cart sale at The Wash. Just 10 L$ for this sunny summer dress.
And last but not least I got this sexy Lolita dress by Orquidea at the Wash too. With this elegant dress I am wearing more jewelry by Lyrical Bizarre,  which you can also find at the Cart Sale at The Wash. The dress, the fascinator, the earrings, and the necklace are just 10 L$ each!