Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ready to go shoe hunting?

Hi Readers!
Today on my blog you will see 2 belated Easter bunnies, and you will see lots of shoes too. I am just crazy about shoes. There are also a few nice outfits on my blog, and also nails, but you will have to hunt for them to get them for 1 L$ or for free. They are gifts in the Womenstuff hunt and this hunt runs till March 30th so you don't have much time left to find that red sculpted tee shirt, which is the hunt item in this hunt.
Let me start with the bunnies...this first one can be found on the Midnight Mania board at Up against the Wall. There is no group needed to click this board and there are 2 more boards to click. The basket and the shoes are included, so are the ears.
I am wearing the lovely new skin by WoW skins . This beauty is called Yasmine 2016 in darktan. This skin comes in 6 great skin tones and Omega adv head/body appliers are included.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.
The cute hair is at the Analog Dog store, and it is called Isadora. This hair comes in a fat pack and it is free if you join the Hair SL group. The joiner is next to the hair vendor. Once joined, click full colour pack and it is yours.

The next bunny outfit is by ML Fashion and this outfit was their Easter gift. If the gift is gone by now, there are 3 Midnight Mania boards with mesh outfits, 2 lucky chairs with hair, and one mini mania board wit a store card to click.
And now over to the shoes I found at Pure Poison. Joining the Pure Poison group is free and they have many gatchas at their store. As a group member you get ONE free try on the group gatcha machines. Below are some of the gifts I got, you have to look for their back room where you can find all previous Gatcha machines.
Hunting....well it's not always easy. Thank goodness the Womenstuff hunt has a HINT & LINK page so you can get hints or skip stores if you can't find the red sculpted shirt there. This hunt runs till March 30th so HURRY if you still want to find those awesome gifts!
I landed at #20 Gaal to find this awesome Mayfair outfit inside their hunt shirt. If you can find it too you have to pay 1 L$ to get this hunt gift. The cute booties are included.
The cute hair is called Namie and it is a gift for SLF&O members at Alice Project. The SLF&O group is free to join. You get a HUD with this hair to change the colour.
And at #76 Veronicas Secrets you can find this lovely dark green dress with the elegant lace collar including the gold leaf necklace inside the hunt shirt. This gift is free.
Or you can go to #78 Vips Creations and get this great Spring Heart dress and shoes for free. The only thing you have to do is find that red sculpted tee shirt at their store. The shoes fit Slink high feet.
There are more shoes and boots to find in this hunt. How about these great boots by #30 Razor? Just find that shirt and they are yours! This hunt gift is free. They fit system feet.
Or you can go find the shirt at #21 Chic and Shoes. They have a fat pack of shoes hidden inside their hunt shirt and for 1L$ these shoe are yours. Just showing you a few options below. The shoes fit Slink High feet.
Or you can hunt at #96 G&D Italian style and if you find the hunt shirt these lovely Moon shoes for Slink high feet are yours. A colour change HUD is included, it changes the colour of the soles, heels and studs. This gift is free. The shoes fit Slink high feet.
Shoes that are not really shoes but more foot jewels are hidden inside the hunt shirt at #89 The Little bat. These lovely foot jewels are free and they come in 3 versions: silver, black and gold.
The last 2 posts are about nails. I found some awesome nails inside the hunt shirt at #69 Pink Cherry. These nails work with Slink hand and feet and they are called Abstract nails. If you find the hunt shirt you have to pay 1 L$ to get these awesome nails!
And my last find was at #41 Hello Dave. They have also nails hidden inside the tee shirt and these nails are called Dreamer nails. If you can find the re dhunt shirt you will get these nails for free.