Monday, March 28, 2016

Let's go shopping!

Good morning Readers!
Today on my blog you can see some more great offers you can find at the Cart Sale at The Wash. Lost of designers are offering their designs there for 10 L$ (with one item for 50 L$). So it is really worth to go shopping there!
Also on my blog today a lovely gift from the Twisted Hunt and beautiful nails by DMZ from the Designer Showcase.
So let me start with the lovely hunt gift in the Twisted Hunt. You are looking for a rotating cube in this hunt and I found it at Up Against the Wall. It is free and inside you can find this sexy silks outfit including the lovely foot jewels for Slink High feet.
If you are wondering why my Slink feet look strange (at least the toes do): I have no clue. I asked the Slink designer, the answer was: it's due to the mapping of the skin. However the skin designer has no problems with Slink feet or hands. So...I am, stuck with strange toes and fingers.
I am wearing the lovely new skin by WoW skins . This beauty is called Yasmine 2016 in darktan. This skin comes in 6 great skin tones and Omega adv head/body appliers are included.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.
The cute hair is called Namie and it is a gift for SLF&O members at Alice Project. The SLF&O group is free to join. You get a HUD with this hair to change the colour.

Then I went to the Designer Showcase to get the lovely nails DMZ has there. There are 3 versions to chose from, I am showing you the Romatica nails set below. All nails fit Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and have Omega appliers. And each set is 98 L$. You can also find these nails at the DMZ store.
Over to the Cart Sale at The Wash. Loordes of London is offering some awesome designs there, ranging from shoes to tops and a dress and bag. Everything is just 10 L$.
This cute top is called Retro Look top, the shoes are called Vermallion slingbacks (fit Slink high), the clutch is called On Fleek and all are 10 L$. The pants are also on offer at the Wash and you can find these Dark skinny or flaired jeans at the cart of Off your Rocker for 10 L$.
Then I got this The Exeter top, also for 10 L$. The shoes are called The Exeter too and are also 10 L$. The jeans ara the same ones as above.
And the last top by Loordes of London at the Wash is called On the Fringe and it is also 10 L$. The shoes are called Winklepickers (also 10 L$) and I am also showing you the The Ritz shoes, which are also 10 L$. Shoes fit Slink high feet.
Over to Vicarious Youth at The Wash. They have mainly outfits for kids at their cart, but there are a few that are for grown ups too. I just fell for this awesome blue gown, which comes with 4 tops and 4 skirts. It is 50 L$ but think of the many ways you can wear this gown! Showing you a few options below.
And these cute Foxy overalls are just 10 L$. I could not resist them as Roodvosje means little red fox :)
The sweet purple sweater is also just 10 L$ at the Wash. The leggings are included.