Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lots of GIFTS!!

Hello Readers, Happy Sunday!
The #125 round of the Designer Circle is celebrated with many great gifts by the participating designers. It is always a pleasure to shop at the Designer Circle because lots of great Second Life designers offer one or more of their designs there and the price is always below 200 L$.
Their current round runs till March 19th so there is still time to pick up the great offers and lovely gifts there!
So let me start with some great bargains I found at the Designer Circle. These elegant The Exeter outfits are on offer there by Loordes of London and they come in 5 great colours. Each one is just 80 L$, so you can afford all your favorite colours!
The fun shoes are called Marcie and they are by GeMyles. You can find them at the Designer Circle together with a HUD that changes the shoes into 32 colours for just 99 L$. The shoes fit Slink High feet.
I am wearing the lovely new skin WoW skins has on offer at the Skin Fair 2016. This beauty is called Yasmine 2016 in darktan. This skin comes in 6 great skin tones and Omega adv head/body appliers are included.
The lovely hair is Georgina by Truth hair and you can find this hair in their back room 50 L$ sale (each hair tones is 50 L$ and you get 5 shades of the hair tone).
Loordes of London also has a LOVELY gift at the Designer Circle! This retro look outfit is free!
Then I saw these lovely Bell Sleeve dresses by Sofie's Selection at the Designer Circle and these dresses come in 2 versions. Each version comes with a texture change HUD to change the dress into 4 great tones. For 150 L$ per set they are yours. There is a colour version and a black & white version.
The next top is a gift at the Designer Circle by WellMade and the lovely black leggings are the gift by CNZ.
The shoes are called Wrapped up and they are by Like Design. You get a HUD with these shoes which changes each part of the shoe separate. So you can go really crazy with the colours or just use one tone like I did below.
And this lovely lingerie set is the gift at the Designer Circle by Glitzz.
I am wearing another gift with this lovely lingerie, a Star pose by Icons of Style. You can find this gift at the Designer Circle too.
Then you could decide that a tattoo will look great with the sexy lingerie, and if you get the gift by Trevah and you will get this beautiful tattoo in black and white for free at the Designer Circle.
Another cute gift is this pillbox hat by Culco Boutique which you can also find at the Designer Circle.
Last but not least: the Septic Rings gift by Codex. You get 4 versions of this nose ring for free at the Designer Circle.