Saturday, March 5, 2016

Free shoes, free jewelry. What more can I wish for???

Hi there Readers!
Yes I am back after a few days rest.
And I just want to talk about Pure Poison today. They have a free to join group, HERE and they have gachas as group gifts. Now the PREVIOUS group gifts are still available in their back room, mainly shoes, but also lovely jewelry.
I am showing you part of what I found there for free today, the rest will follow tomorrow!
The lovely skin is by WoW skins and she is called Irene 2016 and I am wearing the darktan version.
The elegant hair is Briony by Truth hair from their 50 L$ back room sale. I am wearing the reds version.
Aileen necklace.
Bat wing necklace in 2 colours (silver and gold).
Beatrice necklace.
Boho necklace.
Bow tie swirl necklace.
Buttons necklace.
Ivy mask.
Leah necklace.
Lexie jewelry set.
Lucrezia necklace.
Luna necklace.
Milla necklace.
Ribbon Emma necklace.
Tisuki necklace.
Winteria necklace.
Yola necklace.