Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gifts on Christmas Eve

Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog lots from the Designer Circle. Oh I can feel you thinking: but that is NOT free! Wrong. The Designer Circle is celebrating their #120 round and lots of designers that offer their designs there also offer a GIFT to the loyal customers!
Just look under or next to the vendors if there is a 0 L$ gift to buy.
I will show you below what I found there, except for the 100 L$ gift card that is hidden inside the gift box at the Designer Circle by Fi's Creations.
But I can show you the gift Smesh has at the Designer Circle. This lovely leggings and top set is inside their gift box.
The cute little booties are also a gift but you have to go hunting for these cute shoes. You have to go to #60 Lindy Shoes in the Peace on Earth 8 hunt. This hunt runs till January 6th and you are looking for a blue globe (like earth) in this hunt. Here is your HINT & LINK page to help you out. And if you find that globe at Lindy Shoes these booties and a pair of other shoes which I will blog later are yours.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Ilenia skins by WoW skins and his skin will make a lovely gift for your friends or loved ones. These beautiful skins come in 6 skin tones, and believe it or not: they are all transfer but ONLY for this fair so they are perfect gifts!
You can find the lovely Ilenia skins at the Christmas on 34th street Event till December 27th.
The lovely hair I am wearing is by Truth hair and it is called Selena Reds. This hair is just 50 L$ per hair tone (you get 5 different shades from each tone) and you can find it in the back room at the store. The hair band is colour change.

You could decide to wear the beautiful head dress by DitaCouture with this outfit above. You can find it as a free gift at the Designer Circle under their vendor there.
I am wearing the cute booties from above with another outfit from the Designer Circle. This casual outfit violet is by Wertina and there are 4 colours to chose from. Each outfit is 90 L$. With this outfit I am wearing another GIFT which you can find at the Designer Circle and you have to look for the box under the vendor from LX Essentials. This warm cup of hot coco with animation is free.
LX Essentials also has a beautiful top as a gift inside their gift box at the Designer Circle. With this top I am wearing another gift which you can find at the Designer Circle, this lovely necklace is the gift you can find under the vendor by MissNoise.
The next top is the gift Culco boutique has at the Designer Circle and the great Sugar leggings are the gift by Supernatural. The cute booties go great with this outfit too!
This Dainty Bodysuit is the gift by 1 Hundred at the #120 round of the Designer Circle. Appliers are included.
I have blogged this lovely gown in purple, called Spirit of Peace, before but it is the gift by Posh Pixels at the Designer Circle. What an amazing gift it is !!!
And great to wear with all outfits above are the lovely Christmas Tree nails by Pink Cherry. You can find them at the Designer Circle under the Pink Cherry vendor as a gift. They are for Slink hands and feet and you get 8 colours of this nail polish.
With another set of nails by Pink Cherry (which you can also find at the Designer Circle for 80 L$, in silver tips or gold tips) I am wearing beautiful lipstick layers which are the gift by LoveMe skins at the Designer Circle. You get these 3 great shades.
Another set of lovely nails is a gift in the Peace on Earth 8 hunt. This hunt runs till January 6th and you are looking for a blue globe (like earth) in this hunt. Here is your HINT & LINK page to help you out.
If you can locate the hunt globe at #17 Luna this great nail hud for all nails is yours.
And if you go hunting for the hunt globe at #32 Tashi and you really find it, you will be able to wear these lovely nails!
Last but not least I have the December group gift by Gizza for you. Joining the Gizza group is free and you get this lovely jacket with scarf and shirt in 2 colours.