Sunday, December 20, 2015

Five days till Christmas...

Morning Readers!
Just 5 days left till Christmas! Are you already feeling the Christmas stress? Are you thinking about Christmas dinner? And what to wear?
Well go shopping for a while, that always relaxes me and takes my mind of things. Oh you say it is not possible in RL? Well go shopping in Second life then!
I found some really irresistible gifts and not too expensive outfits for you today.
Let me start with the advent calendar at Entice. You will need to be in the Entice group to get the gifts for free, but if you don't have a group slot left you can also buy the gifts for 25 L$ each. There are pictures on the gifts so you can see what you buy. Previous gifts are all still available. Below you can se the gift for day #20, which comes with a colour change HUD to change the colour of the dress into 3 very Christmassy colours.
The cute poses with Baubles I am using are by Icons of Style and they are called Poses with Baubles. You can find them at the Designer Circle in a pack of 5 poses, including the baubles for 75 L$.
The cute hair with antlers and a colour change HUD to change the colour of the hair and the colour of the antlers and baubles is a gift by Exxess.
Then I found this lovely necklace for FREE (no group needed) at Lazuri. Just teleport to the Group Gift area at their store and look for the FREE GIFT sign. The necklace is from their newest Renata set. This set is colour change by touch and the free necklace is colour change too. You have a choice of 4 colours for the gems and 4 colours for the metal.
Lazuri also has a part of the Renata set as a group gift. Joining the Lazuri group is 250 L$ but you get the most amazing group gifts! Thge Renata set for group members consist of 2 types of earrings, a longer and a shorter necklace and matching bracelets.
The lovely hair I am wearing is a group gift by Sentinus. Joining their group is free and there are 2 lovely hair gifts available. Both hairs come in several colours, showing you just a few options below. There is also a cute Christmas dress as a group gift.
Then I went to Tiffany's Design. They have a lovely pink sweater a s a gift under the Christmas tree and a Santa hat too!
I also picked up this lovely Eva gown at Tiffany's Design. This gown is just 99 L$ and it comes with the cute fascinator hat. Perfect for your Christmas dinner or for the upcoming parties! The back of the gown is as stunning as the front!
I am wearing the bracelets and the earrings form the Renata set by Lazuri with this gown. This complete set (with more than just the green options for the gems) is temporarily just 499 L$ for the time being. You will see me often wearing this lovely jewelry set on my blog, because you can adjust it to every outfit you own!
The next dress is also by Tiffany's Design. This lovely Tammy long dress comes with the Slink High feet shoes and the necklace and is just 99 L$.
Over to Punk Justus. They have this awesome snuggly Christmas outfit including shoes for Slink high feet on their Midnight Mania board. You do not need a group for this board, just a few friends that come clicking.
My last finds for today are from the Peace on Earth 8 hunt. This hunt runs till January 9th and you are looking for a blue globe (like Earth) in this hunt. All gifts in the hunt are free. If you get stuck: here is a HINT and LINK page.
I found these awesome earrings in silver and gold and in many colours inside the hunt globe at #11 Elysium. Find that globe and they are yours to wear with your Christmas dresses and gowns!
Last but not least are these awesome aviator glasses with Santas sleigh on them. You get several colours of these glasses if you can locate the hunt globe at #61 Tahoma.