Sunday, December 13, 2015

Can I Entice you into finding gifts at Advent Calendars?

Hi there Readers, happy Sunday!
Today on my blog you will see several great offers by Entice, and great gifts from the KittyCats calendar. You can find this same calendar in all participating stores, I went to WoW skins to get the gifts from this calendar.
But let me start with Entice first. They have an awesome advent calendar which is free for group members (joining the Entice group is free). If you don't have any groups left you can also buy these gifts for just 25 L$.
Their gift for today is this awesome Hysteria body suit in green!
The elegant Romia shoes are from the lucky boards at Like Design and these lucky boards are group only. However the Like Design group is free to join. You will need Slink high feet to wear these shoes.
The cute Christmas hair including the antlers is by Exxess and it is totally free. You get the hair including antlers and baubles and including HUDS to change the colour of the hair, the antlers and the baubles.
The elegant skin I am wearing is Lisana  2016 Darktan cleavage by WoW skins. This skin is an exclusive for the Premium Only Event. This event runs till December 27th.
Each weekend Entice has awesome offers, like these great Forever Autumn dresses. They come in 4 versions and each version comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the dress into 3 lovely shades. Just 60 L$ per set ladies, don't miss out on them!
The cute hair is by Analog Dog and you can find this hair inside the KittyCats Calendar. I took it from the calendar at WoW skins. Right next to the counter at their store.
The cute Winchester bag with a colour change HUD is a new group gift by Shey. The Shey group is free to join and there are several new group gifts available (all bags and one outfit).
And Entice also has a few very cute 99 L$ offers, amongst them is these cute You got a Way dresses. There are 4 versions of these dresses and each one comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the dresses into 3 lovely shades.
Over to the gifts from the KittyCats calendar. The gifts are still all available but you will only get them once. You can find the KittyCats calendar at all participating stores, I got them at WoW skins.
This first outfit is by Zanze and you can find it in the KittyCats calendar. So is the lovely hair by Analog Dog.
And this lovely dress is by Ruby and the beautiful earrings are from EMOtions. Both are in the KittyCats calendar.
The cute clutch is by Shey (group gift, the group is free to join) and it comes with a colour change HUD.