Monday, December 14, 2015

About tattoos, shoes and lovely advent and subscribo gifts.

Good Morning Readers!
Oh I am so excited about the subscribo gift Danemarkz has for the members! It is just too good to miss, look below: a lovely light blue coat, elenant leggings and booties and great hands-with-gloves. Just subscribe and it is yours!
The elegant skin I am wearing is Lisana  2016 Darktan cleavage by WoW skins. This skin is an exclusive for the Premium Only Event. This event runs till December 27th.
The lovely hair is by Exxess and it is totally free. You get the hair including antlers and baubles and including HUDS to change the colour of the hair, the antlers and the baubles.
The new round of the Designer Circle started and this is their #120 round! This round runs till January 9th. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 200 L$ and a lot of great SL designers offer one or more of their designs for bottom prices there! A great way to fill your inventory with awesome designer clothes, shoes and hair!
So what did I get there? Well Eyelure has this awesome Edgy tee in 4 colours at the Designer Circle and each tee is 99 L$. The matching Edgy skirts are also 99 L$ each. Showing you the white version below.
The lovely hair is a gift to all by Truth Hair. You can find this lovely hair including a colour change HUD under the Christmas tree at their store. Huds to change the hair tone or the colour of the beret are included.
Then I was stunned by the tattoos that are on offer at the Designer Circle. The ones I am wearing below are by M's Art Tattoo and the name is Fallen Angel. This tattoo is 150 L$. However M's Art Tattoo also has a GIFT at the Designer Circle, which is a cute colourful Owl tattoo on the upper arm.
The sexy corset I am wearing is by RR Twins and they have 5 colours of this sexy outfit on offer at the Designer Circle for 119 L$ each. These outfits are for ALL mesh bodies.
The cute hair is by Pelle and it is on offer at the Designer Circle for 125 L$ per hair tone. There are a lot of hair tones available of this Jackie hair. The hair base is included.
These cute jeans skirts which I am wearing with the RR Twins corsets from above are by Furtacor and they are on offer at the Designer Circle for 130 L$. You get a HUD with these skirts to change the texture into 10 lovely ones. These skirts are for ALL mesh bodies.
The tattoo I am wearing is by Queen of Ink and it is called World of Animals. This tattoo is on offer at the Designer Circle for 150 L$. However Queen of Ink also has a great gift for free at the Designer Circle: a lovely unisex sleeve.
Then I got all the gifts from the count down advent calendar at Loordes of London. You will need to be in their group to get the gifts but the group is free to join. The previous gifts which I am showing you are no longer available, however there are still 11 days till Christmas!
The cute hair is by Analog Dog and it is from the KittyCats advent calendar. You can find it in many stores, I got the gifts from the WoW skins store (calendar is right next to the counter). You will get the gifts only once.
This cute skirt is the gift from day #19, the clutch is also from the KittyCats calendar. The top is by Smesh (NOT free).
The dress is the gift for day #12, the shoes are the gift for day #13 (Slink high). Remember: the gifts I am showing are no longer available, there are however 10 days left to get other gifts.
The cute earrings are the gift from day #20.
And these earrings are the gift from day #18.
These shoes are the gift from day #21.
And last but not least this cute tunika is the gift from day #20. The cute Milano bag comes with a colour change HUD and it is one of the group gifts at Shey. The group is free to join.