Thursday, April 6, 2017

Having a BLUE Thursday...

Hi there Readers!
On this Thursday I am feeling a bit blue and the blue dresses I found just fit my mood.
I just fell for the awesome Heavenly gowns Glitter Fashion has at the Swank Event. They come in 4 colours and they are just 140 L$ poer gown. The beautiful matching Wings also come in 4 colours and they are 99 L$ each. I haven't felt this beautiful in amazing are these gowns!
With the gowns I am using Persefonas Floating Feathers and poses. You can find them at the Designer Circle in 6 different colours. I am showing you the blue one below. You get 15 designs, 17 elements and 5 angel poses (2 in the air and 3 standing) with mirrors for just 99 L$ per colour.
The skin I am wearing are Omega appliers by 7 Deadly S{k}ins, and they are called Vianne. I am wearing the taupe version. These skin appliers were in the GROUP Midnight Mania board, the 7 Deadly S{k}ins group is 225 L$ to join.
The beautiful eyes are by IKON and they are called Charm eyes in Abyss colour.
On my blog today I am wearing hairs by Truth hair. The long curly hair is May hair, the pony tail hair is Louise hair and the braided hair is HoneyAna, the VIP group gift for February.
I went to the Designer Circle and got these lovely Sunny Knotted dresses there. They fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Werewolf, and they are just 125 L$. Included is a colour change HUD which gives you 8 plain and 6 textured colour options. These lovely dresses are by Apple Heart Inc.
With these dresses I am wearing a lovely new released necklace by Moondance Boutique. It is their Lotus Moon set, necklace and earrings, a septum piercing and several lovely rings. The set is colour change, which means you can adjust it to every outfit you like to wear!
I am also wearing beautiful back jewels by CNZ with these dresses. These diamonds are colour change by touch and I am showing you a few options to wear them below.
The beautiful Henna sandals by Slipper Originals go perfectly with these dresses. There are 4 versions for 99 L$ available at the Designer Circle but there is also a fat pack with 16 colours and 4 metal colours for 199 L$. They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink flat feet.
I just love jewelry, especially when it is so gorgeous as the jewelry by Indulge Temptation. They have these awesome Tasseled Pearl Necklaces on offer at the Designer Circle. There are 6 sets to choose from and each one comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 metal and 8 pearl options. Each set is 120 L$.
I am showing you a few options below.
The lovely skin is by WoW skins and it is called Aly. I am wearing the Darktan version and this skin is available at the Designer Circle in 6 skin tones for 199 L$ each. You get a system skin but also Omega Head/Body appliers in that skin tone.
Indulge Temptation also has some great offers at the Avenue. They have these beautiful Aura Ear Cuffs there in 6 versions and also the gorgeous Beaded Necklaces in 6 versions. Each version of the CUFFS comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 metal choices and 8 gem choices. Each version of the necklaces comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 metal choices but also 51x2 choices for the pearls! Both of these offers have a 35% discount. The Ear cuffs are 78 L$ and the necklaces just 75 L$.
Showing you a few options below.