Thursday, January 12, 2017

Shopping at the Sea Hole, Dafnis and at Loordes of London

Good morning Readers!
Today I went back to The Sea Hole on Marketplace, I grabbed the awesome dresses Dafnis has on offer and I also looked at the offers Loordes of London has the upcoming weeks. I am showing you these offers today but please look at the date and place where and when they are available!
So let me start with the skin I am wearing today. This elegant skin and Catwa appliers are by 7 Deadly S[k]ins, the skin and appliers are called FLAME (pineapple). I also used their Catwa applier for my head.
The perfect eyes are by Mesange and today I am wearing their Cranford eyes, which I blogged Tuesday. These eyes are a new release, and they come with an awesome colour change HUD, but they also come in system avatar eyes. The HUD holds 16 colours and you can choose 4 different sizes.

The fun hair is by Truth hair and it is Emeline.
So let me start with the awesome Frenchi dresses Dafnis has on offer on Marketplace for just 99 L$. These dresses fit Slink, Maitreya, Tonic, System avatars and Belleza and they come with a huge colour change HUD which gives you 11 options in colours/textures.
I am wearing a lovely gold grape leaf necklace by Bullion. The matching gold Plumera Ear pins are also by Bullion. You can find this necklace and the earrings for free on Marketplace. The fun thing is that if you like this jewelry the designer offers it for REAL too! You can buy it and wear in Real is the SITE.
The next 2 skirts are also from Marketplace and so is the top. This first skirt is by The Sea Hole and it is called Bahatt skirt and this skirt is available in several colours. Each of these skirts is 1 L$ and I am wearing the Garam Masala colour.
The lovely Jess top is by Synister Creations and you can find it on Marketplace for 1 L$. It comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 12 colour options. The top comes in standard mesh sizes and fits system avatars and mesh avatars. The back is stunning!
The other skirt by The Sea Hole is called Shogun and I am wearing the goldenrod tone. This skirt also comes in several colours and each one is 1 L$.
The top is the same as above.
The flat shoes are called The Fossil and they are by Loordes of London. They are their Fifty5 Thursday offer for Thursday the 12th of January and they are 55 L$ per pair. There are 2 versions to choose from.
Over to the Loordes of London bargains. Tomorrow on the 13th of January starts their Secret Sale and you can find these awesome The Tuscany Triad tops in 3 colours for just 60 L$ each!
The matching The Tuscany Triad skirts will be on the Secret sale which starts on January 20th for 60 L$ each at Loordes of London!
And the beautiful The Tuscany Triad heels which fit Slink high feet are the Secret Wednesday offer which you can find at Loordes of London on the 11th of January.
The lovely necklace is by JKTrends and it is just 65 L$. The matching gold heart earrings are 25 L$.
The same The Tuscany Triad shoes are on offer by Loordes of London for just 30 L$ in their Steals & Deals which start on January 20th. There are 3 colours to choose from.
The Le Pecq tops/jackets are just too great to miss out on ladies. You can find them for 30 L$ each in the Super Sales weekend which starts on Friday 13th of January at Loordes of London. There are 4 colours to choose from.
With these jackets I am wearing perfect jeans by Beautiful Dirty Rich. They have a free to join group and the jeans in 2 versions are a group gift. They come in layers for system avatars but also in all appliers for Mesh bodies.
The same Le Pecq jackets are available in the Super Sales weekend which starts on the 20th of January at Loordes of London. They are 30 L$ each. So if you missed them you can get them later too.
With these jackets and jeans you could wear the Leather Block heels which are on offer on the Super Sales Weekend which starts at Friday 13th of January at Loordes of London. They are 30 L$ each and fit Slink high feet. There are 4 colours to choose from.
 However if you are the more sporty type you can also get the Interceptis boots by Loordes of London which are on offer for 30 L$ per pair on the Super Sales weekend which starts on January 13th. There are 3 colours to choose from and the boots fit Slink high feet.